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The permutations and combinations can be many in womenswear vector stocks and patterns. As the decade changes so does fashion. Styling for a woman can be a challenging task, the more hats they wear, the tougher is to style them to their satisfaction. The trends on colour and style vary as if in nanoseconds. Women may “see and buy”, thus to avoid getting into fashion “misfits”, they keep themselves updated with fashion trends. From extravagant to cool street style, women have innumerable fashion fiesta when it comes to style them as per their mood. Womenswear has various categories like ethnic wear, party wear, casual wear or professional wear. Vector stocks and Patterns can vary from tropical to paisleys to nature. The most popular categories in terms of vector stocks and patterns are floral, conversational and geometric. The patterns can be chosen as per the body type, climate. Some patterns and vector stocks make a woman look slimmer whereas some add on to their height. One of the other various factors to choose a great pattern is the climate, it plays a vital role in choosing a pattern which may add on to her beauty and go with the theme of the season.

Ready Pattern provides a catalogue where there is a variety of options available. We choose patterns which are in vogue and can be printed on any style. For Dark flowers as theme for a pattern to be created, colors like black, brown or grey would enhance the background with prints of wild flowers. Many Seamless patterns can be woven in different forms to adorn the body of a woman who has a choice to look elegant and sober or bold and beautiful. Such themes can come under both floral and traditional vector stocks. The foliage and stylized floral patterns look pretty on a fabric which is dyed with dark colors. These patterns whether used on lingerie or a dress, they would enhance each style with its simplicity and seamlessness.

Categories of Vector stocks: 

Geometric and Conversational Designs:

The Geometric Abstract patterns are in trend. The zigzag abstract texture, can be printed on short dresses or professional wears. For vector stockers to choose a pattern that isn’t loud and intimidating, this pattern can be easily picked for Corporate fashion than just browns and blacks who make office wears monotonous and sulky.The Millennial woman these days prefers vector stocks which are conversationals. Such patterns mostly depict scenes in a descriptive way and vector stockers scatter it on mostly plaid background for better presentation of their vector stocks.

Abstract and Checks:

An abstract print can be playful and decorative. Such prints can be layered, multicolor and look contemporary in presentation. An abstract pattern can have shapes or can be just artistic swirls and waves.The Checks give retro look and blend with modern presentation of contemporary woman. The Blues and Blacks are the go for colors in such a pattern. Here the patterns may or may not be symmetrical. All these above patterns speak their own language. They are reflection of the character of the person who adorns them and moreover people are gregarious, they will find some or the other place to showcase their choices and personality. The tastes can vary even when it comes to choose among these four popular ones listed above. Women fashion seasons can be broadly classified into Spring/Summer& Autumn and Winter. With spring/summer season approaching soon, the above listed womenswear vector stock and patterns can be worn on shirt-dress with variety of quirks and cuts.  Double High-slits, button-downs, asymmetric hemlines and much more to play with patterns to match their personality with these fashion trends.

Kimono Style & A-Line shapes:

Kimono Style trench coats, these coats with medium-size obi belts with just a knot on sides can just give a woman that stylish look that she yearns for. A-Line shapes, these have been in trend from decades and seem to never fade away. They give perfect look when sported with 70s fashion, a playful mix of jackets that are masculine and modernized floral prints or the zigzags with high –waisted flared fits are no doubts feminine in look and style.

The Long Vests:

The long vests, these pre-fall seasons outerwear give a slimming effect to the woman wearing it, especially when they are unbuttoned. With abstract and geometric patterns prints, these long vests are perfect to give a layered look in late summers. 

Fashion Trends:

Characterized by bold patterns and opulence these womenswear vector stock and patterns are the biggest fashion trends which can spice up the regular workwear and evening wear with a dash of colors and exoticism. Thus, these vector stocks give a woman the most effortless way to look chic for the new season. Ready Pattern has been prompt in providing these vector stock prints with the changing trends of fashion and style hence keeping it up to suit the urban environment.