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Textile Prints | Exclusive Collection from Top Surface Designers

Textile Prints | Exclusive Collection from Top Surface Designers

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Textile Print Designs with a Creative Punch 

With the perennial goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing surrounding that reflects an idea, emotion and personal style statement, textile prints play an integral role in adding to the beauty. Textile prints and pattern have managed to create a huge impact on the fashion and the home décor industry. With motifs and alluring designs, Ready Pattern brings to you the best textile prints images which are easy to download and can be adorned on the fabric of your choice.

As the trends in fashion are ever-changing and now the trends are no longer set for one season, but a variety of themes emerging with the rise of fast fashion driven brands it has become essential to keep up with the fast change. Trendsetters like Balmain, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci among other high-end luxury brands create fashion fads that are embraced by other designers and re-created with original interpretations of textile prints and patterns. These textile prints can be created through various methods and on various platforms. Hand painting, hand-drawn, digitally created with the help of Adobe platforms are some of the methods available to create textile prints and patterns. 

There are 4 methods of textile printing available that are mentioned below –

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Block Printing
  3. Roller
  4. Heat transfer

Digital textile printing or inkjet printing is available as well which helps transfer and imprint smaller sized motifs and designs ono garments and is also known as Direct garment printings. Digital textile printing method can also be used on larger fabric rolls which are used for banners, flags and even retail graphics. With different types of textile printing methods and a plethora of themes and designs, Ready Patter brings to you a catalogue that encompasses all the needs of a buyer. We bring to you several categories of themes, from the latest top textile print images to trends that were in vogue a few seasons back, our collection of textile print designs are unmatched.

A Dummy’s guide to: Textile printing techniques

Are you new to the Textile printing industry?

There are about 30 Textile techniques you’d be keen to know but let’s learn what’s hot for now: 

Digital Textile Print Designs

A form of Ink-jet printing. Here, the designs are printed on the fabric directly from the computer. All you gotta do is select the design you like or create one of your own, then let the dye-sublimation printer with the help of the computer - get your work done! Although, you would need to go through a pre-treatment process to make sure that the fabric accepts the ink well. It’s a boon for designers for this generation - as it helps in fast delivery, it’s cost effective, time saving, flexibility of colors, shapes, fabrics, size are available to the customer and is environmental friendly; which the other conventional printing methods fail to offer.

Screen printing (Serigraphy): 

It’s mesh stencil + ink printing! Each screen can be used for only one colour. That specific ink color is dropped through the mesh and onto the apparel and then later, goes to a larger dryer. There are two types: Flat screen printing and Rotary screen printing. In both the methods you need to fist buy textile prints. This method can be used on: jackets, tote bags, bandanas, scarfs, flags, mouse pads, signs etc as well. Do you know those faded prints we love so much, yeah it can be achieved here!

Litho printing / Transfer printing:

Do you adore and aspire to create meticulous and well-thorough designs? This printing does the work. When everything else fails, this technique really comes handy to attain keen details and accuracy. Lithographic/Lithography or Litho for short, was discovered by Alois Senefelder of Munich, in 1798. Once you have downloaded the textile print designs, here, the design is first applied onto a paper, then kept on a fabric and then heated till the fabric absorbs it; there you go! It achieves extreme detailing comparatively to those who directly print on the fabric - like digital printing, sublimation or screen printing. In short, it’s a simple iron roll-on procedure. Inexpensive, prints on any garments, clean output and good-to-go for even amateurs.

Engraving / Engraved roller printing:

If you’re looking out for mass production, this is it. It is also called Intricate printing or Bollister printing. The rotating rollers are made up of copper and is engraved with the desired design by carving on it for once and for all. The copper which is soft, is electroplated with chrome for durability. But on a kinda bad note: it does have many limitations; larger designs are not possible, you can often expect defects like scratches, snappers, scumming, streaks and lobbing etc on your rollers, the engraving on the copper roller is quite expensive etc.

Embossing printing:

Embossing mutates and changes the nature of the material. It uses heat and pressure to do so. Other names for it are Blind printing or Relief printing. If you ever see a material/surface a little raised than the rest of the fabric that means it has been embossed. It creates three dimensional effects, which any fashionista would vouch for - anytime. There are 6 types of embossing: Blind emboss, Tint emboss, Single level emboss, Multi level emboss, Printed emboss, Registered emboss and Glazing.

Block printing:

Stamping! Stamping! Stamping! That’s block printing in a gist. The stamp is first carved into a design and then is dipped into the ink as per the planned color and then over the fabric. The stamp is made from either wood or linoleum. Tip: It’s so simple that you can alone become a block print designer and manpower at home, just keep practising those textile prints on linoleum. It’s the easiest printing technique ever created!

Embroider printing:

Doesn’t your hand feel so good when you touch an embroidered crest? Embroidery printing is a process where designs are infused with threads and stitched onto the fabric. Interesting fact, the look of an embroidery may differ from fabric to fabric. Con, sometimes the tiny-detailed designs do not meet a satisfactory result due to the thickness of a fabric. But, with Computerised embroidery printing it can achieve precision even in materials like denim and leather. Cool, right?

Explore, Buy & Download Textile Prints

There are many other textile printing techniques like Moulded printing, Direct Sublimation Technique (Süblimasyon Baskı), Duplex printing, Discharge printing, Burn-out printing, Blotch printing, Pigment printing, Photo printing, Resist printing, Warp printing, Carpet printing, Offset printing, Letterpress printing, Spray printing, Stencil printing etc

If you would like to learn more in-detailed about the rest of the techniques, tweet us!