Best Geometric Prints for Textiles & Fashion | PSD & AI Files Download

Best Geometric Prints for Textiles & Fashion | PSD & AI Files Download

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Geometric Prints for Textiles

Geometric prints are one of the most visually appealing forms on a piece of fabric. They are available in various forms hence fulfill the availability of a wide variety of styles. Geometric patterns are formed of circles, rectangles, squares, triangles and many other shapes. These all can be combined to give an intricate pattern that is unique and beautiful. With only a few shapes many unique prints can be created by using different permutations and combinations of geometric shapes hence giving birth to a print desired by the surface designer. The geometric prints were first used by ancient civilizations in their art forms and they still hold an important place when it comes to the selection of a print for the fabric.

Use of Geometric Prints:

Geometric prints can be both artistic and functional pieces that can be used for creating a print that helps the designer to brand his clothing. They can either complement existing prints or can be used to create new prints entirely. There is no correct timing involved as they are adaptable and can fit into any number of styles. Such prints capture the attention of the audience easily.

Geometric Print Trends Coming UP:

Geometric prints are a popular prints even in the 21st centuary. The most sort after geometric trends is the intersecting shapes in black and white. And there are many ways in which you can implement these prints.

Monochromes in Modern Geometric Textile Prints:

Geometric Patterns can be used with contrast that complements the angular shapes. Black and white in such prints give classy and a refined look. When you choose to go monochrome a detailed and intricate print gets created.

Use of Gradients with combination of great photography:

Colors like red, yellow and blue easily merge and give an appearance that can be mesmerizing to the onlooker. If a print is created with geometric shapes and is accentuated with gradients, it not only complements the background but also adds depth to the image. When such prints are combined with some great photography they give spellbinding effects. Great photography can add a new layer of a beachwear patterns. Many old photographs can have enhanced effects when a variety of geometric shapes are added to them.  

Memphis and use of collage:

 It’s a fashionable choice which has been around for quite some time. Memphis has a distinctive look as it blends kitsch, pop art, and many other styles., mostly wavy lines and repeated shapes are used to create such a print. A geometric print can also be created by making a stunning geometric collage by combining different shapes and colors. When Colour combination is chosen and used very well it enhances the overall print.

Complementing image with a geometric print:

A geometric print can be complemented by aligning it with an image that speaks about its subject. The use of bright colors contributes to the vivid print that stands out. The diamond shape is the most flexible geometric element which can be used in a variety of prints to complement an images. 

Diagonals and Stripes:

Diagonals use lines and triangular patterns to create a clear path for the eye to move up or across the print. They look good in multiple colors or black and white. Similarly, a mixed pattern a variety of shapes is used to make mesmerizing stripes pattern. They combine different geometric prints in one motif. Like zig-zag, geometric waves form a background and then the vertical quadrant intersects the print. 

Outlined Shapes and Simple Shapes

The geometric prints can be used to create an intriguing border for your print. Some simple, bold, geometric shapes are enough to get your message across. The contemporary designers often use squares, rectangles, semi-circles, and simple circles, to create a simple and energetic look in their print. Some of these geometric prints can even give a nice camouflage pattern effect which can be used for military apparels.

Create Images using geometric prints:

By utilizing your time effectively, you can create some pictures using geometric shapes in a particular manner, like using triangles to create nose, squares to create a face, etc found in several tribal patterns. The smaller geometric shapes appear different and create a contrasting effect on the overall print.  

Layers and Pixelate:

To create a print with a depth you can layer the print with geometric prints, such a print will help to hold the focus of the person who is viewing the print piece. Pixels are technology’s geometric prints and they can be used to construct a piece that is bright and energetic using this pixelated style. While it may not be the most elaborate style but it's still possible to create an amazing piece with this style. So Womenswear Geometric prints have various probabilities to be tried and tested. They are such patterns that will never fade away. Geometric patterns are such which can be used by designers to print for any age group including for activewear pattern garments with certain limitations on color combinations to be used.