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It’s back ! The season for hibachis, beers, ciders and beaches! And you must be wondering how am I even going decide what to wear? Aren’t you?  You can score that chic look, it also works if you’re very classy and subtle with your dressing, and what’s better than comfy good looking outfits? Well it’s a fix and here are the different swimwear prints which you can flaunt even if you couldn’t maintain the beach body courtesy ‘The Pandemic’. 

#BreaktheStereotype #KeepitSimple

Which are the Different kinds of Swimwear Prints?

#1 – Casual Date Outfit      

A Relaxing day at the beach? Outfit with prints that is casual and fun for a fantastic look. To start, pick out a floral bikini set probably a cute one. Then, set it with a partner, something like a kaftan or even a shirt for that matter. A normal tote to escort the book, your potion, sun screen and a nice hat just like Rachel in the one with the beach prefect to go for a swim!

#2  The Hot and the Sexy

A fun beach day naturally calls for a beautiful swimwear print outfit. So, let aside that cute fruit print sundress and opt for a scrumptious black bikini instead. Without giving much away, just put on a small thin look through sarong. Finally, show it off with a pair of gladiators, retro goggles and a white headband

#3 Quirky Beach Outfits

Luckily the ones looking for achieving a thin body, it's not wrong to be a bit curvy and chubby! There is one look which will make that look so sexy, people will drop their jaws. The Bohemian print style goes hand in hand with playtime in the sand. And to add a cherry on the top go crazy with your favorite swim prints, but chose the ones which stand away from the cliché ones. You can also suit up with denim shorts and a boho style bikini. And a dreamcatcher necklace. 

#4  Sassy Beach Outfits

Whether you’re having a picnic or a cocktail part with your gal pals at the shacks, sometimes dressing up with floral patterns feels so good and you agree as well. For such occasions, something stylish works the best.  It’s okay to be fashionable as well. Something like a cotton dress maybe pairs up with pumps, accessories like hair scarves a sling, and some curls in the hair. Cause why always straight hair for swimming.

#5  Wedding Beach Outfits

It is true that Summer is when people have beach weddings. They turn out to be incredibly beautiful and scenic but confusing about what to wear. To excel at this, go for a light dress with your favorite fabric and a repeat swimwear pattern with the color you love. Ballet flats cause its sandy, you can go for pearls as earrings, and a trendy watch for accessories.

#6  Plus Size Beach Outfits

If you’re all about the bass!  The beach is the going to be a perfect place to flaunt those curves All you need to do is pick an enticing swimsuit or bikini and pair it with some stylish accessories. To be precise, a one-piece with a sarong or a halter neck twinning with a hat and goggles will look (BEAUTIFUL)  Cause every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

#7 Everything White Swim Print Outfits

White is an amazingly pretty color to wear to the beach. And it's highly underrated.  It not only looks good in the sun but also reflects that golden shade of your body and make it look more fabulous. To top it off go with a white pencil skirt, a matching bikini, and keep the messy hair bun for the ’70s looky.  

#8  Tie Dye Dresses

Tie-Dye Dresses are just the easiest thing one could ever buy and not go wrong because it's so absolute in its dye and the color that itself feels complete. A tie-dye also goes really well for the ones who don’t like to show their bodies or who are more secured with their skin getting tanned. It does works as a great beach dress for hot days and cotton tie-dye dresses are the best company to a nice pair of loafers. You go, girl! 

#9 Polka Dots!

However things might be, Polka Dots are never disappointing. They are like the comfort dresses of class. A simple polka dot print dress, a white or off white bracelet, and a pair of light-colored or beaded flip flops. And you’re ready!  Going to be the next Mary Poppins. I betcha!

#10  Baywatch Way

A modified printed swimsuit alike Sarong, which helps you get a tan also flaunts those damn curves making everyone envy it and making your moods fly higher like the notes in any BB King song.  All we can say is put on that sarong, get a boat purse, a glass of wine and you’re pretty as she says, “ these are a few of my favorite things ‘