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Stripes Vector Stock Patterns | Download PSD & AI Files

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Refreshing Ways for Styling Stripes Vector Patterns like a Pro!

The classic stripe design is the most obvious and timeless pattern that could be found in everyone’s closet. It can be flaunted in a number of ways since it matches perfectly well with anything you throw on with it. From pairing it with faded jeans or throwing on a classical hat or fashionable earrings, stripes look phenomenal in every manner.

The quintessential rule of killing your look with stripes is that you have to match it well and according to your body shape. Now, if you have been wearing stripes for years but aren’t much satisfied with the look when you stand in front of the mirror, you surely need to change the way you are styling it. But if you don’t have that much information as to how you should be styling those stripes in your wardrobe, here is the guide to help you.

Choosing stripes according to your body’s shape

Stripes create a sense of optical illusion when a person wears them. It helps to increase the appeal and charm of the look and can also change the whole appearance when matched correctly. While we believe that stripes can be worn by people of all body shapes and sizes, it is also true that specific stripe patterns look more flattering on certain body shapes. 

  • Apple: Women having a larger midsection look ravishing with vertical or diagonal stripes.
  • Petite: Women of shorter heights match well with thin, vertical stripes as it helps them look taller.
  • Pear: Women with a bigger bottom half and shorter shoulders can opt for horizontal stripes that would create the illusion of a bigger torso.
  • Rectangle: If you want to create the illusion of curves in your otherwise straight body, larger stripes can help you a great deal.
  • The Hourglass: The hourglass figure can pull off any style of stripes enchantingly well but if you still want some improvement, you can go with horizontal stripes to add some more dimension to those bust and hip area.

Colors add more dimension to your look

You can be as bold as you like by experimenting with new colors and adding various shades of monochrome to your look. It gives an edge to the basic stripes making them appear more appealing and trendy. Using vivid colors such as bight blue or vivid red can be some options when you are starting out. 

Combining stripes with stripes

You can pair a striped top with a striped bottom and still rock the look. Sure, the task might look a bit daunting at first but we promise you, it will look beautiful when you pair it off with the correct set of accessories (belts, go really well with this) and shoes. Wearing stripes of the opposite direction also look refreshing and fashionable. 

Layer them striped clothes 

Layers go definitely well with a good pair of stripes hidden beneath them. Especially when you are wearing bolder colors like black, maroon, or bottle green. They add a definitive depth to your look thanks to their multidimensional properties.

Mixing those stripes with other prints

Stripes are the most common and basic texture for garments hence they can be paired off well with any kind of print. Don’t be afraid to match them with patterns that aren’t very common like spots or even florals. It is just a matter of trial and error and who knows you might land up with something that can make a fashion statement.

So the bottom line to this guide is that don’t be afraid of taking out those stripes from your wardrobe and pairing them with all kinds of prints, patterns, colors, or solids. After all, you can wear stripes for every occasion be it formal, informal, party or office and win the day!