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Small Floral Prints for Textiles & Fashion | PSD & AI Files

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Textile is one of the most significant industry we use in day to day life. In this sector, we come across many designs and materials used at a different place in a different form. Floral design is part of this broad range industry. 

Floral design is initially adopted from the culture of Egypt. It has been used from an early age. During the time of history, flowers are used at many places like decorating stuff, used as jewelry, etc. That shows the love people have for flowers and their existence. The new era has made these flowers even more essential for the textile industry, which is loved by every generation.

Every generation cannot use every design, but in the case of florals old age, children, teens, anyone is involved with such stuff and plans.To use this outstanding form in designing, we need to follow seven principles. They are proportion, scale, harmony, rhythm, balance, unity, emphasis. The use of these seven principles is a must to give an attractive look. This composition of elements will design the best quality, which can satisfy one's need for design perfection.The floral design is something that can be used at any ocassion or with any material. It anyone wedding or you have to go for an outing. Flowery stuff can fit in any situation.

The main elements of floral designs are color, light, space, line, form, pattern, texture, and size. Floral designs go with sober colors. The accessories are mainly in black to match with any small floral design.The textile industry founds floral designs to be the best selling during the time of summers. Small floral designs for the textile industry is used for everything like T-shirts, bedsheets, shorts, skirts, lehengas, table-cover, etc.

It gives an outstanding look to your house if you decorate it with such stuff.Small floral designs include Fabel floral, navy floral, unicorn floral. It has an impressive impact on the view, which could attract you to a great extent. The material used in floral textile designs also has a vast range, including cotton, synthetic, linen, net, etc. It also gives you a watercolor look or sometimes the fancy it fit as per the need of the users. Mainly white base florals are in demand arranged with silver accessories. It gives a fragmented look to the attire. The jewelry used with florals are small earings and simple chains. The florals are something that gives you a simple look that does not require too much spark. It can be matched with heels as well and shoes as per the requirement.