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Repeat Texture Patterns

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Glimpse of textile textures Patterns

Some people follow certain patterns and they don’t stick to other one, whereas some keep trying every patterns and they follow the trend, you must have felt the same it’s a physiological concept and we feel relaxed when we follow them.

Some keep patterns even in their daily schedule so that every thing could be systematic.

As of today we could experience so much Diversity. We have so many Patterns available regards to anything, Here we talk about Textiles. Textile is a industry which have to follow every bit of on going fashion.

Texture of a cloth even matters while our every purchase according to the season sometime, they are connected with our comforts. Like some people prefer Soft texture while others would be rough or silk.

Textile Patterns is the innovative process, where fibers are used to make Beautiful patterns or designs.

Textile pattern can be a important element in the world of textiles, there are many types even you know that but just for your glance. The types of texture patterns are as follows


What you think when you hear about floral? Flowers! right. Yes here different types of flowers designs are used, which can be any size small or large. This pattern is one of the oldest pattern, Flowers in the ancient times was used in temple, wedding, burials or any ceremonies. Gradually in 12th century China prints Floral in their Outfits. At 16th,18th and 20th century this pattern had a development all over the world. I know you want to read about Indian introduction to this pattern here it is!

16th Century was the period where a floral pattern CHINTZ was Originated from India and it was between the late 16th and 18th century. It was the popular and was also exported to foreign countries. Still floral pattern never disappoints and it has a huge fashion demand.


This pattern would be the best among all? say yes! No doubt this is the best one because it is Distinctive from others, it’s rare attire and rich look makes it to stand among the crowd. This pattern went popular throughout 1930s and 1960s. Various print of animal such as Tiger, Zebra, Leopard, Giraffe, Snake, etc. made love so much, particularly leopard print is famous from 1930s because of the movie Tarzan where Johnny as Tarzan wares them.


Remember the days we dealt with Geometry? Probably we don’t want to get back, But we all love if Geometric shapes with different sizes are printed in our garments. These shapes can be Circle, Rectangle, Tingle, Trapezium ,etc. as most of them know. This pattern is liked more when these shapes are given different colors which makes it look more modern.


This one is even one of most old pattern followed, During the middle ages this pattern was use to be in black and white stripes. This pattern was considered Negative as symbol and was worn by Prisoners, Clowns, Hangmen, etc. Gradually the definition changed and it was a general fabric pattern that can be used by everyone. Even we have more pattern such as Basket view ,Chevron, Leather, etc.

More and more time runs fashion runs and likely to get new pattern.