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Colourful and printed textiles are all around us. It’s desire of each and every person to look good. So, they wear different types of textiles having various prints, fabrics, colours etc. People having distinct customs, patterns and cultures make different types of textiles. Most of such textile designers gave us the idea of printing geometrical patterns over textiles. In this technique geometrical patterns are woven right into the textile by using various arrangements in a proper way. As geometry consists of different shapes, patterns and sizes and their relation to each other. Different colours and line organisation in regular patterns is used to design many textiles. Geometry often defines these patterns of printing or weaving. So, in the field of textile design, geometry is used to define how the design elements of similar or dissimilar arrangements are laid out by then designer.

How do Textile designers use Geometrical Patterns?

Textile designers are the one who make the textiles look more appealing. Geometry is used by these textile designers in several ways as it helps to define the under laying structure how elements are placed in a given particular design. Geometry is involved in designing pattern repeats on textiles. A pattern repeat is how a design element replicates across a fabric surface. So, we can clearly say that in this technique using of identical or un-identical geometrical shapes on textile in a proper arrangement makes the textiles look more amazing and appealing. So, there are different geometrical shapes which are printed or woven in textiles such as coral prints in which irregular Spaghetti like structures are there in groups, other kind of geometrical pattern is Gingham in which there are inter crossed stripes which is also called checks. It is the most common type of geometrical pattern used on fabrics nowadays. Chevron is one of the most appealing and simple pattern which are used on heavy fabrics. It is of different types based upon the type of geomertic print such as Chic Chevron, Cross chevron, Light chevron etc.

Where are Geometric Patterns Printed?

The geometrical patterns are either printed or woven on textiles based upon the type of cloth where it is to be printed or the type of shape and size of the pattern. Printed textile designs are made by applications of various printing processes to fabric according to its type. Same implies here in case of weaving patterns to textiles as it consists of interlacing a yarn or thread to the fabric. For example- patterns such as jumbo dots and glitter have circular patterns with optimum radius to be woven whereas, patterns such as cross fee or clover don’t have the optimum interspaces to be woven over the fabrics, so they need to be printed. But both type of techniques give rise to a great look to the textiles which can’t let the viewer not to have that one with him/her. A person having textiles where there are different patterns such as trellis, la-floriana, swirl floral etc. makes them feel comicial. Patterns such as damask, imperial, multi stripe, lattice etc. are the most popular among females. All of these patterns are repeated in continues order within a proper distance. Owning these must be a proud for them.

What are the Different Types of Geometric Patterns?

There are a lot of enduring and established printed or woven geometrical styles such as hound’s tooth, cross-tee, trellis, wishbone etc. that can be broken down into different categories based upon their themes as from where they are derived. Geometrical designs feature themes in both abstract and inorganic form. Hence, application of geometrical patterns over textiles has emerged out a boon for the designers and bliss for the people making them look fabulous and attracting.