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Seamless Repeat Floral Patterns | PSD & AI, Latest, Layered & Editable

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Different Floral Textile Patterns that offer chic looks for Fashion & Textiles

The world of fashionistas seems to be divided in two groups regarding using floral pattern on dresses and other clothing materials. One half seems to be pretty mesmerized by the way a floral print on a piece of cloth can make it look trendier and the other half somehow considers it to be not-so-trendy. Both the groups have their own reasons to think their way and with regard to them both, let us take a peek into the world of floral textile patterns.

Floral textile patterns, as the very name suggests, refers to prints of flowery designs (quite literally) on different pieces of clothing materials. People with the most basic knowledge of floral patterns might not be aware of the distinctly different designs that can be created with this pattern. Floral textile patterns can do magic on the look of a dress if used properly. The look of a dress can be drastically changed from light to heavy with the type of floral design used on it.

To understand better about which floral design to go for while ordering a customized floral printed dress, it is important to know the kinds of designs that are existent. Some of the most popular floral textile designs are discussed below.


The Acanthus styled pattern is named after the flower of the same name. It is a large-scale printing that looks similar to the flower it is named after and has big leaves placed around in ornamental round pattern. It was invented by a designed named William Harris in 1874. The design is not very popular for using on dresses and is mostly used for upholstery designing. However, someone willing to experiment can try this design on their dresses for a bold and yet traditional look.

Art Nouveau:

As the name suggests, Art Nouveau has its inspiration in styles of art. It was first used during the end of the 19th century, between the years of 1890 to 1910. It is a style that has touches of natural forms in it and can be compared to the academic art that was prevalent in the 19th century. The design is aesthetic with its rhythmic curves and brings in an abstract look to the piece of clothing it is used on.


Anthemion has a history of class as it was used as common motif by the architects of Ancient Greece and Rome. It is a floral print that is based primarily on the honeysuckle plant. This flower pattern is also known as palmette because it resembles a palm leaf shaped like a fan.


The botanical textile print is inspired by the form and art of the plant species. The very minute details of plants are considered while designing this particular type of pattern. The colors of the designs following this pattern run in similarity with the colors of various plants. Different types of flowers find their realistic illustrations on textiles through the botanical design.


The abstract flower prints thrives on the beautiful amalgamation of flowers and abstract forms of art. It provides the dress a very aesthetic look and can bring a classy vibe. There is a high resemblance with nature as the print follows the shapes, lines, forms and colors of nature to create an abstractly beautiful floral design.


Lovers of small things will find this pattern especially attractive. The design ditsy consists of extremely small flowers that have been jammed together to create an undistinguishable yet beautiful pattern on a dress. The design is minimalistic in nature and can be comfortably worn by people who love to keep it simple.


As is evident from the name, the design mandala bases itself on the spiritual symbol used in the Hindu and Buddhist religion. The shapes resemble geometric patterns and when used on fabrics they are called Suzani.

Besides these designs there remains a plethora of floral textile pattens that can beautifully change the look of a particular piece of clothing. It is important to understand these patterns to find the perfect match that goes with one’s personality. Floral patterns can be tricky as they can create designs that range between extremely minimalist to extremely heavy. One should be certain of their choices and then only proceed to give a floral designed dress a shot, with confidence.

Floral textile patterns are classic and evolving on their unique beat. From commercial designers to small businesses, this pattern is highlighting uniqueness and versatility in every textile form. Block print stamps, thread embroidery, flower made with sequence or applique floral patterns – every style has a distinctiveness to add to the textile. Be it apparel or home décor, floral patterns bring a different personality to every fabric and product. Every new style keeps you asking for more. Going by the current trend floral textile is here to stay and we cannot wait to see what the future of floral textile pattern will bring to the table.