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A historic design – Ethnic patterns

Creating Ethnic pattern demands a good grip of fashion trends, sense of design patterns and understanding of colors. Since ethnic prints have been utilized over the past decades it’s imperative that contemporary designers are creative, original, realistic and giving the print pattern chance to make a big impact on the industry. Ethnic patterns have been made used of over the years and have been modified in terms of the latest trends.

Creating something new from scratch on the basis of the age old ethnic patterns requires a great research, and designers gather knowledge from trend reports, books and requires to be aware of contemporary trends. Ethnic patterns have been creating a great impact over the world with its unique and intricate detailing. The colours that are used complement the style and create alluring designs that are globally accepted.

Origin of Ethnic Patterns and its modern take

In the world of textiles, it has become that history tends to repeat itself and creates new innovations within the brackets of the original designs. Ethnic patterns have been a part of the history and herniate of places and is an artistic representation of the contemporary times. These prints and patterns have become an integral part of local history that has had an immense impact on the global textile market. With patterns that have been derived from architectural motifs to tribal inspired designs, ethnic patterns encompass a piece of history and with the years in the industry the pattern has also adapted to newer designs. With the rise of technology, this repeat pattern has been created on software like – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. These software skilled designers create ethnic patterns on a screen to help bring modern sharpness, accuracy and have been instrumental for top niche fashion designs and that prove to be fruitful for our customers.

Looking at this trend, the fashion & textile entrepreneurs made identical patterns for a variety of surfaces. This print pattern trend has been utilized on a magnificent scale and is not gender specific. Butta motifs for example, traditionally developed in the Kashmir region and was predominantly used on scarves and shawls. This print pattern trend represents the ethnic patterns and has exploded throughout the industry. The butta has now been seen on an international platform and has made its way to women’s and men’s apparel. This print trend did not get stopped here, the art was also implemented on shoes, boots for the menswear and sandals, chappals for ladies’ item wear. As it was unstoppable, it took the space in applied accessories as well like ladies’ purse and handbags too.

With modern size variations, intricate detailing and trending colours, ethnic pattern has become a part of the home designing industry where ethnic prints have dominated with delicate motifs and colour combinations.

Textile art of innovating ethnic patterns.

Textile printing is the process of applying color in specific patterns & designs and adding a fascinating feature to the garment and make it look alluring. Fabrics that are properly printed have color bonded with the garment, so as to hold color from dimming while washing or practicing friction. As a form of art, textile patterns like ethnic designs have dominated the sphere with its uniqueness. What makes ethnic patterns unique is its–

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Aptitude of expression
  • Realistic
  • Versatility

This form of art that reflects cultural heritage has taken over the textile industry by the storm.

We incorporate designers who have displayed relevant knowledge of scale, resolution and how to maintain a hue while choosing relevant color combinations within the designs. We ensure the collection we have has a contrast of modernity and vintage while choosing colors and the design motifs giving the customers a vast variety of choices. From the age old ethnic pattern to the new modern take, we encompass a variety like no other.

We bring to you enhanced creativity according to the latest trends and maintain the originality within the designs. We maintain a good check on the latest trends within the different industries and help bridge the gap between highly creative designers to the customers. With the help of our Fashion Analysts predict the upcoming trends by the method of investigating and formulating hypotheses on customers’ potential purchasing habits. By recognizing the source, tracing the progression, and recognizing patterns of trends, our forecasters are able to provide designers and marketers with a ‘vision’ of the future. We incorporate a vast variety of trending ethnic patterns along with the classics that have been well received on our platform that will leave you spoilt with choice.