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Conversational Patterns – unraveling the trend

A textile print that uses a descriptive method to display an object as it is in a creative manner. Conversational patterns are most relatable and usually do not make use of florals. The objects can be fruits, symbols and shapes that are easily comprehended by the audience.

While bringing this latest trend to the catwalk the trend experts need to relate to the audience and study wat they relate with and how to portray it. While undertaking objects, the conversational patterns take the audience though a journey down memory lane. A good intuition power would also be of great help but analytical insight can give a more accurate view of what would be liked by the customers. Experts usually attend different ramp walks and gather information on the trend which is liked and admired by the masses. In case if one does have a good memory then the best option would be to immediately go for a rough sketch of the pattern. Discussing it with other experts also helps in emerging different ideas about the conversational patterns.

Creating Conversational Pattern

Conversational pattern creation is a practice that has evolved as an industry integral to other disciplines such as fashion, interior design and fine arts. Clothing’s, carpets, drapes, towels, upholstery, soft-furnishings and rugs are some of the functional products resulting from this textile design. Designers are the prominent center of the fashion world and conversational pattern motifs play a crucial role in bringing variations and new trends in fashion.

In this world full of trends, the design need to remain classic, original in order for the print pattern to achieve a milestone in textile designing industry.

  • Some of the conversational patterns are made through an artificial representation of tools to form a visual representation of design patterns. Graphic Surface designs are machine-made designs. These designs involve machinery work. The process involves usage of typography, visual arts, and page layout techniques to create the pattern.
  • Hand-paint patterns are made manually and represented on dimensional objects. Hand – paint surface designs are painted by a person. These designs involve a lot of labor work. The process involves usage of stencils, paints, colored pens, etc. to create the pattern. 

The motifs of conversational patterns can be created via both methods to throw light upon a concept, mood, emotion and theme. The two methods, Graphic Surface Patterns and Hand-Paint Surface Patterns are used for similar and/or different purposes like creating logos for brand purposes, printing unique apparel, cover pages, craft, and many more.

Conversational Pattern- a depiction of ideologies.

Conversational patterns are created by drawing influence from the most mundane objects to create aesthetically pleasing prints and patterns. In our modern lives, we use and admire surface printing extensively without even knowing. Truly, Surface Printing is an art phenomenon and conversational patterns is a functionality of art that depicts vivid themes.

Textiles when designed as an art, it reflects the true personality of a human wear, it is a process of creating textile design with Adobe Color Pallets, well-structured very minutely or knitted for woven in handlooms, power looms on AutoCAD software where it provides the integration and balancing between the originality and technology. It's Eureka! New, out-of-the-box innovation on Textile Designing comes here. From ethnic fabrics to Hipster or Denim Art all turned backdated as a new flow of “EcoArt” Fabric comes to the planet as a new, trendy passion for fashion. It has been notices that conversational patterns have been utilized by high-end luxury brands to even home décor elements. On a global scale we have witnessed the use of cactuses repeated on the fabric that have been seen on apparels and even on pillow cases. Similarly, ice-creams cones, anchors, locks, starts, medallions, fruits and well knows geometric shapes are used extensively in conversational patterns.

There are millions of conversational designs out there, but we truly believe the best designs come from the heart. Each print should imbued with so much of life story: the destination it was inspired by; something cultural, something you were curious about at the time; or even how difficult it was to bring the textile idea to life! Just like art, designing a textile print that relates to something you’ve seen, felt, experienced or are passionate about will always yield the best results. We incorporate a variety of themes and showcase the talent of designers on a global scale that try to incorporate ideas and convey messages through the artwork which is very apparent within conversational patterns.