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Upgrade your textile lookbook collection with camouflage patterns in Repeat

A few decades back, camouflage prints were limited to military personnel and battlefields. Thanks to great designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Moschino, and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few -  who realized the potential influence of camo prints, and integrated the camo patterns in their designs. Correspondingly, special thanks to our pop-singers and celebs' who donned camo cargos and jackets for their relaxed street look so gracefully that camouflage prints have gained popularity among civilians.

Why make room for new camouflage patterns?

While some trends are ephemeral, others like camo prints are timeless. And, since camo is here to stay longer in the form of casual wear as well as formal classics, you should know your camouflage patterns before you decide to make room for them in your wardrobe. 

Unless you have tried perfecting that robust military look, you wouldn’t know how common some camo patterns are. So, why stick to the same old pattern and camo outfits, when you can experiment with a variety of camouflage patterns for dresses, scarfs, skirts, coats, formalwear, and comfortable workout co-ords.

Does personal style have a chance in the camo lookbook? 

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”  - Ralph Lauren

Speaking of personal touch in fashion, everyone has a unique style and sartorial taste when it comes to prints. Of course, not everyone likes to own the khaki green cargo with common camo print. It is only befitting to take advantage of different camouflage prints that reckon with your style and taste. For instance, there are a variety of check patterns, but some like multicolored grunge while some prefer wide monochrome plaids. 

Camo prints are no different. In fact, the camouflage prints have been modified and redesigned to meet the demand for bright hues and different patterns. Moreover, fashion enthusiasts have raised the bar high with their sartorial picks by effortlessly utilizing almost all camouflage patterns in their lookbook. From CADPAT patterned chinos to duck hunter tanks and scarfs, camouflage prints have become a style statement for many. 

List of textile outfits for different camouflage patterns

Do you know different camouflage patterns and colors served different purposes on the battlefield? Therefore, based on your preference for specific camouflage patterns and color, below is the list of ideas you can use to tailor your camouflage lookbook. 

Camo patterns for jackets and sweaters

Woodland and snow patterns are the most common class of camouflage prints that effortlessly made their way in woolen apparel. Usually dominated by khaki and olive, woodland jackets blend well with any neutral colored tee and denim or solid cargo pants.

As an upgrade, camo jackets are diligently modified with light base color and patches in similar shades. On the contrary, dark base colors with bright patches have also made it to the celebrity wardrobes. Reason? Celebs love for neon jackets and coats, bright-hued camos have a subtle resemblance to baggy neon jackets.

However, to style camo jackets harmoniously with your favorite outfits. Go for long trench coats - white, grey, beige, mauve colors - teamed with A-line dresses and skirts. Whereas, camouflage prints on quilted bomber jackets and fur coats - purple, yellow/orange, blue - go well with shorts and solid maxi skirts.

Nevertheless, camouflage print sweaters offer an array of possibilities. A sheer snow pattern with white or blow as prominent color look minimal yet sexy. A loose bright-colored sweater with large blotches of pink, red, yellow look as funky as any of your block printed pullovers. Wear it with leggings, trousers, and light-colored or neutral chinos.

Shirts & Tees Camouflage Patterns

Styling your camo shirts can be tricky than you think. With so many camouflaged patterns and colors available, it is quite possible to fail drastically. For tees, Brushstroke and Flecktarn is a go-go, whereas, for shirts, tigerstripe, CADPAT and MARPAT can look sultry if paired with the right lowers. Color plays an important role.

A mix of warm colors with monochrome shorts or white/black denim looks appealing for trend-driven camo tees. If grey is your evergreen for tees, don't be afraid to try camo full sleeves tees. 

Camo shirts with a dark base look classy and attractive, regardless of what event you want to wear it for. In fact, it can be worn with a suit, or under a blazer for a subtle bold touch.

Dresses and skirts

Dresses and skirts are not a one time wear. You can upgrade your wardrobe with trendy camo print using the right shades and patterns. Denim short skirts with camo prints are too mainstream, and of course, you can't afford to look sporty every time you feel like putting on camo. 

Go for maxi skirts and A-line dresses to stay updated with the camo trend. Patterns like a duck hunter, chocolate chip, Flecktarn, and MARPAT look stunning and never grow outdated, provided the colors don't boast of military camo. Choose orange, purple, yellow, and warm colors for loose dresses and skirts. For bodycon, lighter shades like white, beige, grey look elegant for full sleeve bodycon dresses.

Complete your looks with jackets, scarfs, and solid longline shirts.

Tanks and co-ords

Tigerstripe and snow pattern camo in shades of maroon, red, yellow, violet, grey, sky blue look robust yet sexy on men. For a statement-making look, pick a color from your camo tank for your chinos and trousers. Or, simply wear black, white, gray denim. 

Duck hunter, snow, and Brushstroke camouflage prints are keen on dominating workout co-ords for few more years. Pink-white tights look sporty and appealing for women’s workout wear. Nevertheless, purple, red, orange co-ords sets and crop tops can be smartly worn with sheer longline shirts or coats to style your camos.

The upshot from the camouflage patterns

Know your neutrals and solids, keep check of your most worn outfits, and colors you can't refrain from. Your camo lookbook will stand out and reflect your personal style without getting caught up in the whirlpool of camouflage patterns and shades. 

Bonus - Woodland, ERDL, and tigerstripe scarfs and wide patched camo bags look chic with almost all outfits. Grey and olive shades are recommended as they blend well.