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Repeat Botanical Patterns | PSD & AI, Latest, Layered & Editable

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How to draw inspirations from Botanical Patterns?

Botanical Patterns draw their inspirations from nature and nature has been very inspirational in the creation of designs and fabrics since the ancient civilisation period. Plants and flowers were drawn and painted to decorate homes, tombs, and pottery. Wildlife, marine life, plants & floral patterns have found their place on textiles, fabrics, household items, and many others. Botanical patterns on apparels and garments have especially been quite popular in the last few decades. It includes any type of pattern design exhibiting a realistic illustration of garden plants, flowers, trees, or other objects.

How do Botanical Patterns Trend Each Season Differently?

Every season brings with it a host of crafty options. Some styles rule the ramp every year, and some others become irrelevant and disappear. Summer always brings forth fashion trends waiting to be embraced. Almost all Spring Summer collections in the world of high fashion will include a glamourous and elaborate floral theme. Whether a model is gracing the international ramp or featured on top fashion editorials like Grazia, Vogue, or Elle, it seems incomplete if there is no mention or showcasing of botanical patterns. These patterns exude a sense of elegance and style and seem truly timeless. The fixation for tropical patterns has enabled designers to create great, eye-catching designs and patterns on fabrics. Whether highlighting a particular object or showcasing the use of vivid colours, apparels with botanical patterns always get the desired attention. Botanical fashion finds are often loved for their strong aesthetic appeal and the quality of graphic.

Why do Botanical Patterns Inspire the Onlookers?

Bold colours along with floral patterns that stand out often mesmerize the onlookers. Designers the world over have had an obsession with tropical and botanical patterns. Be it Anita Dongre or Wendell Rodricks, designers have always been inspired by tropical or palm leaf patterns. Apparels with tropical patterns can be adorned on a traditional dress, or they can even be added on denims and shirts to give them a functional twist. Men have confidently flaunted floral printed shirts and other attires with absolute grace and finesse. A lot of summer collection for men includes flower patterns and palm leaf patterns on shorts, shirts, tees, etc. From vintage florals to the soothing palm tree patterns, you always make a strong style statement.

What is the relationship of Botanical Patterns with Nature?

Our coherence with nature is undeniable and hence we see glimpses of botanical patterns in weddings. Indian weddings often see men and women dressed in their best avatars. What you won’t miss noticing is the extensive use of flower designs and patterns on gowns, lehengas, kurtas, etc. The bride and the groom are adorned with jewellery which also has some kind of leafy designs on them. The wedding gowns will be dazzling in artsy vintage botanical patterns and embroideries. As a matter of fact, a lot of decorative items in weddings like drapes, ribbons and curtains have detailed floral patterns and patterns on them.

Like every summer season, tropical patterns are trending this year too. Bright colour patterns full of flowers, palm leaves, beaches, islands and other abstract details can be seen on every brand’s Spring Summer collection. Zara’s latest SS collection includes long dresses with floral appliques, skirts with floral metallic thread, printed shirt and trousers with leaves and flower designs, jacquard jackets with botanical patterns, etc. H&M’s summer collection also includes dresses and blouses with cool floral patterns and designs. People generally wear such patterns when they are out on a holiday in a tropical place hence some of the brands also have a special holiday collection with botanical patterns and textures. For Sunday brunches and hi-teas, floral tropical patterns are the first choice for most people.  

No matter the year, botanical patterns have always been in the limelight and will continue to be during summer seasons. We are a nature-loving civilisation and we will continue to prefer having household items like curtains, bedsheets, apparels, etc. with tropical patterns on them. They have been with us since the ancient civilisation and are here to stay for a very long time to come.