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Beachwear patterns is one such type of style that gives the entire wardrobe its character. Wearing the same black swimwear and a sarong you’ vee had since that beach trip you took a few years ago, you might want an upgrade. Whether there’s an upcoming vacay plan or you’re trying to find some decent lounge chair time, the thought on its own is quite a justifiable reason to refresh your beachwear.

Finding the ideal swimsuit patterns might be difficult, but knowing the trends can assist you to make a decision about what look you may want to try this year.

From flirty one- piece to barely- their bikinis, these patterns in swimsuits are ready to be worn in the sun - or under an umbrella if that’s your style anymore. You would, of course, wish to make a striking splash in a crowded pool of swimwear fashion.

Not feeling either? Maybe you’re more of the ruffle bikini variety. But beachwear should not be confined to palm prints and a sarong over a bikini. You will note that tons of swimwear brands gravitate towards certain patterns and trends that are likely to dominate at the beach.

Below you’ll find different beachwear pattern trends that are most likely to dominate the beach and have everyone’s eyes turning back to you.

Bright, Vibrant and Fun Summer Beach Pattern

Opt for happy and more fun colours. Be it bikinis, swimsuits, beach gowns or play dresses, strive for happy vibe colours for the beach.

Your major takeaway for the current fashion trends is that the greens and oranges are the ultimate colours of the year. Hues of lime, neons, forest shades, bright oranges in myriad styles and purple are on the top of the list. We mean it when they say Orange Is the New Black. You can take a seat and enjoy your lavenders too.

Colour block and Two-tone Beachwear Pattern

This has to be the lowkey version of mixing colours and feeling different moods at once. The two-tone colour combination helps you make a sleek and fashionable statement. Hence, half the look makes twice the fun.

Buckle detailed swimsuit

The ultimate ‘80s trend- buckle it up. Buckles have made a remarkable comeback and there’s no denying to it. Buckle the sides of the suit for a one-piece looks and unbuckle then for a two-piece look.

One-shoulder all the way

One-shoulder suits have been in trend for a long time now and haven’t failed one’s expectation when it comes to looking chic. Tropical fruits and palm leaves pattern is an oldie but goldie. 

Fun, Flirty and Floral for the Beach

What’s more iconic than florals - The old but gold trend. Let your beachwear be the Tropicana garden with floral one-pieces, tankinis, bikinis- You name it. Flirtatious florals don’t always have to be upfront and bright. Delicate, dainty and scattered are making way to change things this season. 


As adults, our obsession with tie-dye clothes hasn’t faded. Beachwear has always played upon with tie-dye patterns and trends, be it a cover-up or a bikini. The fashion industry has outdone the art of making tie-dye swimwear. 

Dramatic cuts

Whether it’s a bikini or a one-piece, you’re likely to see a lot of extra skin at the beach. Dramatic cuts are flashing new swim trends to try. Silhouettes with high cuts, asymmetrical cuts at stomach and shoulder, or a halter neck cut out swimwear print; one shall surely know to turn some heads in this gorgeous trend. 

Love your Long sleeves

Meet the ultimate trend wave of the fashion meets function season. A back-cut on the long-sleeved swimsuit gives way to extra cuteness for strutting along the beach. Play with symmetry while also protecting your arms from the harmful UV rays. Isn’t it a win-win situation? 

Go sporty, Go Retro

From super high cut bottoms, zip details to palettes of sporty colours and tees knitted as beach tops, retro sportswear is a remarkable beachwear trend this season. Be it the belted swimsuit or a belt added to the beachwear as an accessory, either way, it’s going to create a chic look.

Go wild with animal prints

Expect this omnipresent pattern to pop up in your beachwear collection, from zebra-printed bikinis to tiger-striped one-pieces. It’s very easy to slip into an animal pattern swimsuit, but what makes it stand out is your confidence. Keep your piece cool and modern with high waisted printed bottoms drawing attention to your oh-so-chic look!

Besides, the patterns and trends mentioned above, some trendy beachwear also include ruffles- ruffled shoulders or ruffled one-shoulder bikini top giving your swimwear a feminine touch, lace-up detailed swimwear, textured swimwear, ruched detailing and high waisted bottoms.

You can never go wrong with this trendy beachwear in your wardrobe. So get ready to turn some heads around looking like a diva.