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Animal Skin pattern is a pattern which imitates the markings of a animal’s skin. In the case of faux fur, it is used to replicate the appearance of real animal skin, but it is also used in combination with a wide range of colours as a pattern for clothing in addition to fashion accessories and interior design.

The highly graphic skins of wild animals evolved as a form of camouflage so that they could blend in with their surroundings, yet they have been adopted by humans over the last two centuries as a way of standing out.

What does animal skin pattern represent ?

It is important to distinguish between animal skin and animal pattern. animal skin involved killings of the animal and was popular in high fashion up to the 1960’s, at which time it denoted wealth power and sophistication. While animal skin designs does not involve any slaughter of rare animal and is valued for its eye-catching quality. As time went on, animal pattern became popular among women for representing not only their feminine sexuality, but also  for independence, power, and courage. Men are less likely to wear animal pattern, unless they are a rock star or are consciously striving to shock.

How did animal skin pattern evolved as a part of fashion?

Animal pattern clothing became a big part of fashion in the 1930s. Many cite the Tarzan films of that time as having a great influence on this fashion trend as the films’ main actors presented a combined image of attractiveness and adventure that appealed to the filmgoers. A decade later, pin-up Bettie Page was a big reason for the sudden jump in popularity for the animal pattern. Page looked amazing in animal skin repeat patterns and countless women across the United States wanted to look just like the elegant model and it also gave the sense of being a powerful, confident woman.

As a burlesque historian, Jo Weldon writes, “The desire to dress like a dangerous animal has a specific intention to it that simply dressing like a pretty animal skin doesn’t convey… The pattern expresses the power they feel within or makes them feel armored against the power they may lack.” 

Animal pattern trend nowadays

Animal pattern skins in repeat clothing is being showcased on the catwalks, in the leading fashion magazines, and it is being worn by leading actresses, high society figures and by the top social media influencers. animal pattern is one of the fashion trends for this season although, in truth, the animal pattern’s popularity has never gone away…and probably never will.

As Fashionista magazine says "many of ‘the street style crowd’ in Paris for Spring Couture Week were proudly showing off their animal pattern in heels, jackets, and skirts." Elle, through ‘9 Trends Dominating this Year’ are betting big on ‘Prairie Romance’ suggesting lace, sheer neon, perfectly carry off this style with full-length animal skin pattern dresses featuring in their style guide.

The world’s 4th biggest online newspaper, Britain’s the Daily Mail, recommends a whole range of trendy animal-pattern looks for this season including wellington boots, shoulder bags, hooded raincoats, leggings, and dresses.

Will animal pattern go out of style?

The popularity of animal skin pattern will rise and fall but it will never go out of style. It is a pure design of such beauty that there will always be a place for it in our design world. What will change are the ways in which the design is deployed. From the streets and catwalks of the fashion capital Paris to the happening bars, restaurants, and nightclubs of the United States, animal pattern is one of the looks that is redefining this year.

Clearly, skin patterns are trending for boots, jackets and coats so our advice is to make sure you are part of that trend!