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Placement Designs Concepts for Textiles

For any textile design, the fundamentals of design theory should be kept in mind. Elements of design focus on dot, line, and shape of any design motif. Placement of design features on how to use design motifs in a repeated manner around the fabric with interval placements. For example, placement designs with black and white prints used on materials with proper arrangements repeatedly, horizontally, or vertically. This understanding comes to any designer only when the fundamentals of placement design concepts are strong.

Placement prints are dependent on the space between the various motifs created in a design plan. Models or butis (mostly used in traditional Indian textile) are placed either repeatedly on the entire fabric without any space or equidistant from one motif to another. The size of the motif doesn't vary as there can be chaos in the design. Placement designs help the design on fabric to look elegant on the whole; with simple single motif designs, you can decorate a whole saree or a scarf with the use of placement design technique.

Types of Placement Designs

Placement designs broadly classified into equidistant, half drop, all over, stripes, checks, and radial.

1) Equidistant:-motifs placed at each endpoint. Placement designs, repeated either horizontally or vertically, covering the whole body of the fabric give a classic pattern look to the fabric improving its appeal.

2) Half drop placement design: - motifs placed in brick-like and arranged half drop along with the material.

3) All over: - In this particular placement design, motifs are placed all over the body of material without any direction. It depends on the designer how to use this method and make the most of the design.

Attention to detail is critical in placement designs and patterns. The whole model is principled based when you're creating a new design for fashion week or any brand. Color choice, use of shapes, layout, line, and shape of design elements should fall in space. Vector placement designs are visually appealing and practical designs that work very well in the modern fashion scenario. Placement seamless design and patterns have dominant elements, which are symmetry in pattern, texture, shape, line, and balance. A balanced layout placement and design create visual harmony and order, whereas unbalanced placement designs create tension, ambiguity, and haphazardness in any design.

Placement Designs and Prints – Its Role in Today’s Fashion Scenario

Placement patterns have governed the role of artwork within the fabric. The scale, line, shape, and cut the material in a particular position plays a vital role. The designer cuts the way fabric is very crucial for the projection of the whole design. Particular placement vector design and prints rely on the scale and cut of the product. Keeping the placement designs and prints in a controlled square or rectangle shape will bring out the best look on the outfit. This process of placement design helps the designer to bring out economical outfits for the fashion goers.

In today's fashion scenario, few principles are essential before developing a placement design on the outfit. Some of them are:-

  • Where to place the design on the costume? This question is often very crucial for the overall look of the outfit. Placement design set in a way the position of artwork indicated.
  • Elements considered? One needs to find the size, shape of the outfit judiciously. For example, if a placement vector designs printed on the gear, the designer should make sure that the design is intact before cutting the fabric. This will ensure the bedding patterns for home furnishing turn out to look symmetric.
  • Different sizing of the outfits need to be in mind placement designs might vary for small size shirt and xl size shirt, this kind of variation is significant in mass production. Brands that are widely available with various sizes in the market should keep this principle in mind before the creation of clothes.

Placement Designs and Patterns on Fabrics

To get the same print in the same repeat pattern is very difficult. But, with principles of placement designing, creating these prints on fabrics is very easy. This process looks stunning when done accurately and is a great value addition to any brand, as these designs have a sophisticated effect.

For a sunny beach holiday, butterfly placement design along a silk kimono looks elegant and classy. For a seamless vintage placement design and pattern application of leaves all over the maxi dress with white color, the background is a great design option.

For a winter high-tea, oversized black color sweater with red floral design in the middle of the shirt gives out a great evening look.

For an office party, a mustard color a-line dress with seamless motif placement gives in an ethnic design perfect for an English green color jacket gives a boss lady look. Placement designs hold an enormous scope in today's fashion scenario. The future of the fashion industry depends hugely on the digitalization of vector placement designs.