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Pattern Designs | Digital Artworks from Top Surface Designers (Non-Exclusive)

Pattern Designs | Digital Artworks from Top Surface Designers

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Digital Artwork gives way to exquisite Pattern designs

Technological advancement has given a new platform for artists to express themselves. With Adobe Illustrator and mediums for creators to directly draw and paint on a screen, pattern designs have also been innovated as digital artwork. Like any art form, digital artwork has become a viable alternative assisting several artists to create one of the best pattern design images. The digital platforms help pattern designers to create repeats of the motifs with ease and aid them in creating alluring design patterns by providing them with a variety of digitally accessible tools.

Making Conversations through Textile Pattern Designs

Patterns exist all over the universe. Stars have an asymmetrical pattern all over the night sky. When visible in a constellation design, the stars evolve themselves in a figurine pattern. When the sun rises up every morning and sets down in the evening, the clouds turn up into an artist’s canvas and the blue skies are filled with varied designs and color palettes. Moreover, there are inspirations all over the place, ranging from living beings to non living objects. Textile pattern design is concerned with bringing these inspirations and many more in such a way that it is usable as a piece of clothing or decoration as well as capable of making a statement. This way, the clever minds of Pattern Designers inbuilt a string of visible messages (or sometimes, innuendos!) throughout their Pattern Designs; thus setting up a conversation with the general public and curious researchers simultaneously.

Three fundamental stages that Pattern designers go through while making Pattern Designs are Ideation, Creation and Evaluation. It is these three stages that define whether or not the artist i.e. the designer, has been able to get his creation through to the masses or not!

Inspiration to Ideation:

First things first, a designer needs to decide on the main motif when it comes to deciding on the Pattern Design. It is not necessary to have the same motif throughout but the Pattern Design needs to have the same feel and a consistent color palette to tie it together.

While deciding on the main motif, the designers go through a range of inspirations according to their taste and skill set. Some designers keep a collage of such images or color variants which influence their mood boards. The taste of times, appearances of individuals or public and social environments are also the deciding factors in a designer’s brainwork.

Pattern Design can be easily evaluated as a hybrid form that brings together different conceptual frameworks and disciplinary approaches ranging from anthropology, art history, cultural studies, economics, history, literature, semiotics, sociology, visual culture and business studies. The designs need to be original, outstanding and bold but the designers need to keep in mind that they should be socially acceptable in order to succeed.

Got an Idea! Turn it into a Pattern Design.

Nature has been the primal source of inspiration when it comes to pattern designing. From the early stages of evolution, natural patterns are visible in the designs. Anthemion is one such example. Wild cats like leopards; furry beasts and even insects like beetles inspire the creative brains of the Pattern Designers to bring out the Animal prints.

Cultural influences are visible through ornamental designs and geometrical motifs such as Arabesque pattern which is influenced by Islamic art and architecture.

The social and political conditions of a region are also visible throughout Pattern Designs. The perfectly imperfect pattern designs of Wabi-sabi in Japan is a result of incorporating Buddhist influences of simplicity and roughness in art form. Similarly the Punk culture in Great Britain influenced a lot of Pattern Designs from mid 70s till now.

Pattern Designers need to possess not only the designing prowess but also a deep understanding of the technical aspects of production and the properties of fiber, yarn and dyes to be used; in order to get the finished textile looking exactly like the idea on paper. If these things are not calculated firsthand then the theme and motif can get lost in translation from paper to textile.

The Evaluation and Impact of Pattern Designs:

Pattern Designers are creative people with a high degree of vividness of imagination and they experience the world in novel and original ways thus causing culture changes in important respects sometimes causing cultural revolutions. Take Bengal Stripes for example; these were created for uniforms of Bengal Lancers, a regiment in East India Company but then they evolved to become an evergreen choice for official and casual shirt stripes which are in use even now.

A word of caution though!

Sometimes a cultural influence becomes so trendy that all designers feel the need to incorporate them in their designs and that’s where the problem of overlapping designer outputs occur which can be damaging to the economical health of the textile industry producing them as well as the reputation of the artist behind it.

All in all, the designers need to understand and incorporate the social, cultural, economic and political elements while executing their Pattern Designs in order to be relevant and long lasting.

At Ready Pattern, we are aware of the constant demand of pattern designs and we curate a library of the best creations and spoil you by choice. Pattern design ideas can be derived from the trends seen during the fashion week or a designer also has the option of going through trend reports which can also be found on Ready Pattern’s website. We pride ourselves in giving the designers and the customers the best experience of working with us. With designers from across the globe displaying the most creative, alluring designs with a diverse range of themes on Ready Pattern’s online market place, be rest assured to find what you are looking for and much more.