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Paisley print is the ever-favorite Fabric print for womenswear. The motif for paisley designs was earliest developed in Kashmir in the seventeenth and eighteenth century where only a single flowering plant with roots was weaved and later it developed into a spray of flowers known as bootee and which in modern times is known as paisley pine. The shape of the motif kept changing from a small squat to a very elongated curve. There are many stories about how paisley came into existence. It can be traced back to Babylon, where a teardrop-shaped figure was used to represent the growing shoot of a palm tree which was regarded as "Tree of Life" and a fertility symbol in those days. The motif of paisley design is popular and is used in both modern and traditional designs. The paisley motifs are made up of abstract swirls, florals and have intricate detailing. This makes each motif different from others. In our country India, the paisley motif is also known as mango motif as it resembles the shape of a mango, in certain places, it's also known as an almond motif or a sprouting almond motif. It's also referred to as palm leaf when it has footstalk and a stand.

Sometimes the comparison is also done with a heart or a feather depending upon how it is drawn. Also known as Buta referring it as ornamental motif, a Turkish bean, tear of Allah or even Indian palm leaf.

The Origin of the Paisleys and its significance:

Though it has a Persian origin and an Indian connection, it has been derived from a Scottish town. Paisley is a town in Scotland and is famous for its textiles, specifically for shawls. The pashmina shawls were copied and produced on silk, those shawls had these motifs of paisley printed on them, hence they became famous as paisley motifs. It was called Buta as it came from the shape of pine cone. The French people also associate it with palm trees specifically to palm shoots. Like a palm tree is considered a symbol of prosperity, similarly, the Zoroastrian community-associated it with cypress tree considered as a symbol of eternity and life. Thus, the paisley motif has been associated with different cultures through the way they believe the system they associate themselves with. The paisleys became popular because they were first printed on shawls which were exported from Kashmir to Europe. India was under British rule then, later the Europeans started emulating the designs in their countries as these shawls were pretty expensive. These shawls were made by wool which was taken from a special breed of goats only found in the Himalayas.

The Fashion Trend of Paisleys:

The fashionistas try to incorporate some elements of paisleys in their clothing, its fashion fades and comes back, like any other paisley prints. It's mostly used in Asian countries on dress materials, saris, home furnishings or accessories, etc.  Westerners mostly use them on home furnishings like cushions, quilts, bohemian clothing. Men mostly have paisleys on their ties or bandanas. In Victorian times, paisleys used to be toast of the town. The design ruled the shawls and the hems of the gowns worn by the royals. Later the fashion disappeared and came back only in the 1960s to fade away again and resurge in 2010. Paisleys were considered modern prints, especially for home decors. Being timeless, paisleys will gain popularity sporadically and will remain in vogue now and then.

Digital Paisleys:

You can find paisleys in free motion quilting design named as Persian Pickles, they are an easy way of quilting which looks good as well. People who worry about traditional floral motifs of paisleys can now have a breather as digital and pixelated paisleys are in vogue and gradually replacing the traditional swirls and defined prints in a modern-looking motif.

Paisleys are here to stay:

It seems the rebellious aura and rich symbolism of paisleys have kept them alive. The real secret in these modern times is its stronghold on the fashion industry which seems to be its conformity with style of unruliness and its capacity to blend with rich historian interpretation and adaptability to be presented in any form.

Womenswear Paisley Prints:

Womenswear Paisley Designs and prints have more buyers compared to menswear, simply because paisleys were initially considered more a womenswear design. Their presence was more on clothing which women can adorn and not men. Gradually though they were adapted in menswear as well but have never been an upfront choice of design for menswear. Paisleys are here to stay for eternity and will only change their presentation and colors but taking away their hold on the fashion industry will never be easy for any other designs and prints. They have been an integral part of a designer’s choices and will remain so for eons to come. Womenswear paisley designs and prints can be easily found in vector format on Design info!