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Best Paisley Textile Designs - Timeless Creations | PSD Editable Files

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Explore and download the latest paisley designs handmade originally by surface artists all with royalty free license to download. PSD & AI files included. Paisley designs originated from the Kashmir region of India mostly seen in woven Kashmir shawls and traditional sarees. These designs are shaped out of mango motifs are the oldest form of design used. The name paisley originated from Scotland. paisley design seamless vector designs are used in colorful patterned shawls and sarees. During the 17th century, France started producing paisley motifs in their respective textile design. The introduction of paisley designs and designs gained popularity across Europe within no time. Paisley print hand-drawn elements are widely used in home décor. Paisley's background designs have a classic touch to them and often collaborated with tradition because of its long origin. These designs, when used on a large scale, give a modern contemporary look.

Paisley Fabric Textile Designs

Generally, this pattern has a motif of a teardrop-shaped droplet in a repeated manner. The paisley design fabric designs have motifs of flowers, swirls, birds, leaves, plants, paisley dots, paisley seamless monochrome floral pattern, etc. In India, paisley design and design motifs known as mango motif because of its resemblance to mango leaf. The fashion for paisley designs are always in fashion. Paisley is used elaborately as fabric on sarees, dresses and home accessories. Bohemian paisley vintage-style design extensively used as fabric prints on summer dresses. Paisley border ethnic seamless patterns used in home décor especially for fabric prints on carpet. Countries such as India, Iran, and Scotland majorly influence hand drawn paisley design. In India, pashmina sweaters and shawls have motifs of mango prints, leaves, and stem designs all over. These intricate designs are usually handcrafted and have intricate details influenced by nature.

Five Ways to Wear Paisley Design

Paisley's patterns are on the fashion map for a long time. Putting these designs into perception and using them on prints of fabrics were evolved over the period. Designers you the shape of paisley designs in many elements. Broadly, mango motif, almond motif, and leaf motifs are used.

Paisley Designs in Everyday Wear Garments:

However, your fashion style is, wearing paisley design dresses for everyday look can brighten your day. Using colors like the dark green paisley dress with a jacket and long boots can transition day look to evening look. Colors like red, orange, brown and green worn for best results.

Paisley in Evening Wear Textiles:

If you want to focus on fabrics with repeated colorful prints. Long-sleeved paisley butterfly seamless design maxi dress with bold colors can brighten up the evening. Maxi dress is a great option for both comfort and style, pairing the paisley evening dress with neutral makeup and afro neckpieces enhance the look with the texture design formed with the combination.

Paisley Designs for Office Work Clothes:

The pairing of paisley prints, folk art flower motif prints on jumpsuit paired with a big blazer give a cool spin to the daily mundane workwear. Subtle color paisley design shift dress and short dress with oversized jackets can give a powerful look.

Paisley Seamless Doodle Pattern Print Tops:

Pairing oversized paisley design shirts with denim shorts is a very comfortable option for the day. Many who want to wear multiple pattern paisley design shirts can experiment with mixing two or more different patterns with different print sizes. 

Paisley Vintage Floral Seamless Traditional Design Pattern on Skirts:

When talking about patterns design, an element is the gradation component in any design that repeated vertically, horizontally, and diagonally or straight while print is a constant image, which is the most important feature in any pattern. If you want to wear a linear stripes design skirt pair it with a neutral color top. Also, if you want to want to wear horizontal heavy line and chunky color paisley design skirt, you should wear something liner design shirt to complement your look. As winter is around the corner, and if you are planning to take a holiday somewhere sunny, try wearing a beautiful grey paisley seamless floral print dress with huge sunglasses. This look can easily transform into winter wear with a paisley design traditional sweatshirt and denim jeans.

Background Paisley Designs

Use of paisley designs and designs have gained popularity in recent time. The mix of tradition and modern paisley background designs to form unique prints are widely used in today's fabrics, home décor, furnishing, etc. paisley seamless designs are an intricate style of curved, mehndi and stem-based designs. In medieval years, paisleys were in demand for decorating royal palaces, royal robes, and royal ornaments. Ornamental paisley designs are of huge significance in the modern era, deeply influenced by early year designs these ornamental patterns have been transformed into paisley designs used extensively in fabrics and home décor furnishing. Today paisley designs are everywhere especially in wallpaper, background carpet wallpaper, textiles, etc. In recent times creative designs paisley designs are created digitally and are widely available. Some of the background paisley designs digitally available are vector paisley designs, vintage vector background design, and patterns, traditional indian paisley seamless design as well as border outlined vector paisley design, etc. These designs are incorporated in fabrics, décor etc. Parisian influence of culture is hugely seen in paisley designs. Lastly, paisley designs are evergreen and will always stay in fashion no matter the time and era. As the old saying "old is gold ". Paisley designs are gold for designers who can creatively turn them into masterpieces.