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Globally Acclaimed Platform To Sell Patterns

With a creative mind, as a designer you look for an equally unique and creative platform to do justice to your artwork. Showcasing your work to the right audience is imperative to get the desired response. Ready Pattern gives you surface designers the perfect opportunity to display and sell your designs that can be printed on a wide range of materials. Textile prints, wallpaper designs, wrapping paper to even hone décor items, we welcome all graphic designers who’s work can add to the aesthetics of these products.

Ready Pattern opens up a gateway to customers across the globe who can purchase your designs at a click of a button. We encourage designers to put their best foot forward and allow them the freedom to decide the amount they feel ideal for their designs. With each designer being comfortable with different mediums to create their work, we encourage them all to sell their work on our marketplace as long as it is provided in a high quality digital manner.

Ready Pattern solving Designers Quarries

There are countless questions that a seller has in mind before venturing out to an online marketplace and we at Ready Pattern are going to help you solve the queries. The following list states the different aspect a designer should consider before selling their content –

  1. Registration Process – Deemed to be a daunting task, at Ready pattern we have created a registration and uploading page that is easy to navigate and is completed within less than ten steps.
  2. Quantity of designs – With a zero-listing fee, we permit the designers to bulk upload their designs with the ability to upload 50 designs in one go.
  3. Licensing and Copyrights – With two kinds of licences available, our platform creates the license for the designer and is produced to them during the time of sale based on the license and copyrights they have chosen.
  4. Payment – The payment will be sent directly to the seller’s bank account with no minimum money transfer restriction.
  5. Recognition and Success – Giving the designer the best experience of working with Read Pattern, we promote your designs and work on our social media platforms that has a global reach


Why Work with Ready Pattern?

Ready Pattern has 40 years of experience of working with several surface designers helping them towards a brighter future, making our platform the ideal place to kick start your career in the right direction. We provide you with an easy, user friendly digital platform that lets you upload up to 50 documents in one go. The website allows you to decide under what genre you would like to display your work, with an array of themes based on the looks of the design.

Understanding the hardship that goes into constructing a pattern and print, we feel its best if the designer itself decides how to price the artwork. Selling content Ranging from 2$ to 999$ and with a global customer base our website has something that fits in everyone customer’s budget. With no listing and bank fees, Ready Pattern prides itself on being economically friendly for designers.

Get Featured

While selling your patterns online on Ready Pattern’s marketplace, we also ensure that your work gets the recognition and promotion it deserves. With the current influence of social media, being up to date and current is paramount. Having a global reach, our initiative is to help the designers by featuring them on Ready Pattern’s social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook, making them get recognition from customers all over the world. With surfeit followers on each social media handle, the designers have a lot to gain by their work being promoted by us.

Ensuring Growth of Designers

Success and growth are necessary in one’s career and we put maximum effort in helping designers grow their customer base. We work towards the professional prosperity of the designers by helping them in the following ways -

  • Help the create a brand identity as a featured surface pattern designer
  • Promoting the designer and their work on Ready Pattern’s social media page
  • Sending emailers to prospective customers introducing their work and skills
  • Featuring their work in a blog dedicated to them, mentioning their source of inspiration, medium of design creation and what designs do they specialise in

Global Customer Base

Ready Pattern has a global customer based and opens the designers content to be viewed on a global arena. With a range of reputed lingerie, swimwear, active wear, beachwear, resort wear and women’s apparel industry specialising in ethnic wear brands shopping with us, your work will be displayed to highly acclaimed buyers from different parts of the world. Ready Pattern has got and continues to get featured in New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. With the opportunity to showcase your work on our platform, provides you with the exposure to the best consumers in textile pattern field.


User friendly website

With a user-friendly platform, selling and uploading your designs couldn’t be made any easier. Making the job effortless for all you designers, uploading your designs and artwork cannot be made easier and once can upload up to 50 designs in one go. That’s not all, our platform also allows you to bulk edit the designs at one go rather than undertaking the painstaking task of editing each artwork individually. If the creator has a few similar designs with different colour variations or different positioning of the motifs, they can group the designs as one as well if they like. Making their patterns more comprehensible to the customers, Ready Pattern provides the sellers with silhouettes that can complement the designs, giving the customers a better idea as to where all the they can make use of the prints. They also have options between the following formats to upload their artwork can be –

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Tagged Image FormatFile (TIF)
  • CDR by Corel Corporation

Easy Registration

Registering as a seller with Ready Platform to sell textile prints online is an easy process with less than 10 easy steps to complete. You can register and upload your designs with Ready Pattern without any complications. Following are the eight easy steps to follow to fill in your information and start selling to new geographic zones –

  1. Login to the Seller’s panel
  2. Fill in your credentials
  3. Upload an image (Of yourself or your logo)
  4. Fill in Invoice details
  5. Submit and move to the next easy steps
  6. Submit your personal ID verification
  7. Accept the terms and conditions
  8. Start uploading you designs!

Your design, Your License choice

Reducing the sellers work, Ready Pattern creates the license for the designers and is produced to the seller and the customer at the time of purchase. Making it easy for designers to sell textile prints online, it is our aim to give the designer all the comfort and ease while working with us. The designer also has the choice of different license that they wish to use. Providing different kinds of licence choices opens up doors to different kind of buyers. With two kinds of licences available – Exclusive and Non-exclusive you can make your own decision as to what licence is the best fit for your work. Exclusive license allows you to sell the design only once and is priced above 79$. Once the design is sold, it shall be taken down from the online marketplace making it unavailable to other customers. A non-exclusive license is further classified for commercial and non-commercial use. A non-exclusive license allows the design to be sold multiple times to multiple buyers, with a price bracket ranging from 2$ to 79$.

Protection of Your Designs

Ready Pattern is a platform that display one’s creativity and protects the innovation of the seller from any copyright infringement. Understanding the effort that goes into the thought process, the ideation and creation it is paramount that the designs are safeguarded and not illegally used. Once the design is licensed, we showcase the brilliance of each artist on our marketplace giving access to international customers to view and buy your designs. We ensure that these designs are protected and the licensed is uploaded on the website itself, ensuring your hard work doesn’t go in vain.


With quick payments and no restriction on minimum payments Ready Pattern ensures the designers get their remuneration stat. With a 45 percent commission per sale fee charged by our platform, we allow the sellers to determine the cost of their designs. Incurring no charges for listing fees and bank fees and free promotions by us on social media we ensure that the designers get the best experience while selling on our platform. All payments will be made to the seller directly to their bank account or via Paypal with TDS documentation sent along with every transaction. There is no minimum transaction threshold needed to make a transfer from the wallet to the bank account.


Freelance Designers

A freelance designer can make the best out of Ready Pattern’s platform to sell numerous designs with no listing fee. You can learn how to sell your textile design to companies with an array of options and freedom to work on projects that you like, showcasing your work on Ready Pattern is a win-win situation. We also ensure that your work is protected at all costs and take away the painstaking task of licencing from them by providing the necessary licence and copyright documents on the sale of their design. With free promotions and no bank fees, you can upload a list of your designs and make money by selling them at a cost that is determined by you to companies. Providing you with a platform that is user friendly and opening up your designs to a new geographical market, makes Ready Pattern the best option for you for a start to a new beginning.

Best Features about selling with Ready Pattern have been mentioned and your success is what we strive for. With licensing and promotions taken care for you, we provide you with an easy to navigate platform that makes your design reach new geographic zones. With our global reach and affiliation with renowned brands, your work is bound to shine and reach the right target audience. Begin your journey to a successful carer of selling your patterns internationally with Ready Pattern today.

Ex. of some designs sold online on Ready Pattern

Ex. of some designs sold online on Ready Pattern

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Price your Textile Designs?

While determining the price of the designs created, it is necessary to have an idea of the market and the competitors. Every industry charges differently for designs so it is paramount to have an understanding about who do you want to sell. The Complexity of your design and work plays a key role in pricing your work. The more painstaking and time consuming the artwork the more you can charge for it. It is imperative that your skill must be values. For exclusive designs you can price your textile designs more than 79$ and the upper limit of the bracket depends on the work itself. Non-exclusive designs that can be sold multiple times can be prices anything between 2$ to 79$.

How to License your Textile Designs Works Globally?

Ready Pattern processes the two options of licenses available, exclusive and non-exclusive for the designers. The seller can determine the time frame and the place they want the textile design license to be valid. If the designer wants the license to be valid globally, then the term “throughout the universe” is to be used so that anyone across the digital spectrum of the world can purchase the design from them.

How do I sell Surface Pattern Designs?

Providing a platform that is free from any listing charges, Ready Pattern is a marketplace with international customers that is the perfect place to sell your surface pattern designs. Surface pattern designs includes work done on different mediums and we encourage all artists to bring forward their work and start earning money by working with us. These patterns are curated in such a manner that the user can print the design on a variety of products without much restriction, giving your work the opportunity to be bought by customers from various industries. With our online platforms that work with freelancing designers with patterns ready to sell, you can upload your designs and begin the journey of selling your artwork. An artist can also sell their designs to fashion trade shows that are conducted yearly or create a social media presence for themselves. A social media handle does require promotion and recognition for the designs to start selling on a larger scale.

How much does a Surface Pattern Designer Earn?

Ready Pattern gives the designer the freedom to price their work and can earn up to 1000$ selling one design. Like any field your level of expertise and experience determines the paygrade of the surface designer. Many fashion designers charge by the hour, to make the most of the work they have done, as sometimes, repetition, edits and changes take up a lot of time and cannot be charged for if the client is paying per project. The starting salary per hour of a surface pattern designer is 13$ per hour. With an average of earing 3,000$ a month while working with a company, many designers find it more economical to work on a freelance basis, where they can charge the client up to 999$ for an exclusive pattern created.

Where can I sell Pattern Designs + 15 Best Websites to Sell Textile Pattern Designs?

With international consumers from across the globe, Ready Pattern is the perfect start to sell textile designs online. Having abundant customers from different industries buying from our website, your work can reach the right clients. Uploading multiple designs with no listing fees on our marketplace is a win-win for a seller. There are several other places to sell designs online as well.

How to sell textile designs online?

Online marketplace specialising in selling textile designs online which includes Ready Pattern assists you in displaying and selling your content online. We help you with each hurdle and takes care of copyrights and licensing of the product for you ensuring that your innovation is safeguarded while being displayed on a global marketplace. It is also imperative you learn the right way of selling your designs and patterns by have the right reach on social media to sell your designs online and we promote and feature the designers on our social media handled that as a surfeit of followers from the textile industry.

How do I get a Direction for my next pattern design?

Direction and inspiration for the next pattern design can be got by looking for mood boards and following trend shows. Keeping track of latest design innovations and the current fads is important to be inspired by patterns that are being used by contemporary artists. Fashion shows, catwalks and following the fashion week gives a grave insight into latest trends, inspiring designers to work with similar themes. Ready Pattern provides accurate trend forecast and curates blogs mentioning the to 10 trends of the season and has a barrage of information about past trends to refer to as well, providing an array of information and inspiration to give direction for a designers next pattern design.

How do Surface Pattern Designers Make Money?

Surface designers make money by selling their creations to different studios and platforms for a royalty fee. Digital platforms like Ready Pattern are now one of the best places to make money for surface pattern designers. It gives way to newer customer base and introduces your work to their existing clientele. With the designer’s patterns being able to be printed on different products an online platform affiliated with buyers from different industries can help increase the reach and sale of the content. Working with a company that requires surface pattern designers is also a way to make money, but working in a freelance basis gives you the freedom to charge your desired selling price of your creations.

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