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The only other time in human history that geometric designs and patterns were popular was during the 13th century courtesy of the Islamic faith. And although both, Greeks and Romans were known to have used these patterns for aesthetic purposes much prior in time, it was due to the Arabs that the world at large received knowledge of such complex creations. They were famous for overlapping simple shapes in a way that created intricate patterns. The stars in their mosques and carvings on the beams that still stand till today are examples of this. They preferred placing shapes of circles closer to each other to create marvelous artworks. Even though their works of craftsmanship earned them a global recognition, this form of interior designing took the backseat in the centuries to follow. During the modern age, people often associated shapes with boredom, calling them “too simple” at best, and “lackluster” at worst. ‘Geometric shapes’ and ‘attraction’ didn’t necessarily go hand in hand. Free-flowing artworks and asymmetrical designs were considered as beautiful and hard to achieve. But all of that has changed recently with more and more people preferring the simple shapes and angles over anything previously thought of as artsy. To furnish their homes, people are tending to opt for carefully placed shapes in décor to give their rooms an elevated feel, as though their homes have now become smart and everything seems to align. Today, these simple shapes and designs are seen as modern trends, and give the house a futuristic feel. There is something complicated about them even when they appear simple. From wallpapers, to rugs, to every other element of home décor, having these well placed patterns brings flair and oomph like no one saw coming. At Ready Pattern, you’ll find endless textile designs with an unlimited amount of geometric patterns that are sure to make your home feel more oriented. And if you haven’t made up your mind already, here are some reasons why most people are going with the once ancient, now trendy geometric look for their interior designs.


Artistic Appeal of Geometric Patterns:

There was a time Geometry in itself was considered to be boring, and certainly not something you’d want to look at for hours. But now, that notion is a thing of the past. Today, these carefully crafted shapes are in demand, and in style. Having your house feature elements of symmetry by having geometrically inspired wallpapers or as coverings for furniture is bound to get you right on top of what’s hot and happening in town. You obviously cannot throw the designs together, but planning out your presentation and setting-up the whole vicinity accordingly will work like a charm.


Geometry Modernized:

No one wishes to be a disciple of the past; we are all always focused on what lies ahead of us. And in the world of textile designs, the next big thing is the second coming of geometric artworks as décor. In almost every place you’ll go to that’s been recently refurbished, you are almost guaranteed to be surrounded by these simple overlapping designs. Even fashion magazines and newspaper columns are tending to use geometrically constructed homes when they wish to display pictures of rooms. This goes to show that more and more people now prefer to renovate their outdated constructions. At Ready Pattern, you have thousands of textile designs that are the epitome of this rise in fashion. You can browse through a whole range of artworks to pick and choose what you’d like to use in your home, to be in sync with what’s going on in the world of fashion.


Angles Give An Extraordinary Look:

You simply cannot compare a visual of interior design from the 2010s with the geometric pattern inspired textures we are now seeing in the 2020s. It’s like comparing steam engines with bullet-trains, and although that might seem mildly over stretched, it is in fact nothing but the truth. The designs we’ve been used to seeing so far have a certain style about them that were good for a specific period in time, but now that era has gone, and it is time to move forward. Today, from where we stand, when we look at the future, we see these intricate patterns as a starting point in what seems like a very creative road ahead. A little experimentation with geometric artwork can make your ordinary looking furnishing, a whole flip to extraordinary. Walking into a space that has used these patterns as base just feels different, feels ahead of time. If that sounds complicated to adapt, it’s really not. Our fashion designers from across the globe give such top-notch material, that your home could hop into a time machine and embark for the future in terms of home décor within no time at all.