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In today’s monotonous lifestyles, adding creative unseen geometric designs rises the bar of fashion. A simple black dress with a silver abstract golden geometric pattern on the shoulder can transform a boring outfit to an interesting one! A little pop of geometric facet shape design on the fabric here and there would transform a regular person into a fashion diva.

What is a Geometric Design?

Geometric textile designs consist of geometric prints, namely geometry shapes such as oval, round, square, rectangle, stripes, etc.  Remember geometry class in high school. Geometric designs are mostly conceptual in nature. These designs replicate any animal or flower in a geometrical manner that includes triangles, hexagons, sharp lines, and rectangles. Geometry involves the repetition of designs either horizontally or vertically. Intellectual geometric arts have no confined boundaries or flow. These designs can represent any form of art and need not follow a particular direction. For example interlocking circles, prism triangles. These designs have become popular after digitalization. Mostly, Classified into tangible and intangible geometric design.

Tangible design have definitive form and hence, you can touch and feel the physical state of the object. Intangible design do not have a definitive form and are notphysically present. These geometric designs are the immaterial qualities of the object that comes into existence. For example - A designer can create a flower vase with rim and base, which is accounted as tangible design. Whereas, the void inside the vase is considered intangible. Both tangible and intangible design coexist and together form a beautiful abstract textile print on fabrics.

Three Different Geometric Designs 

Geometric designs when used judiciously can be highly productive and efficient in creating a visually apt design. Geometric designs are used to bring life in the artworkand bring a meaningful structure to the entire art form. Geometry is widely used by architects, interior designers, and fashion designers. Geometric designs are a depiction of lines, shapes,triangles, squares, and circles. Combing the whole psychology of shapes and giving them new meanings is entirely in the hands of a designer. 

Geometric Gold Yellow Vector Background with Circles

Combining circles in different ways can create something that makes it stand out and look elegant. For example, bubbles that are a replica of circles, with repeated or shifted characters can create a compatible geometric vector design. Using shapes in balance and harmony can create a vibrant paisley pattern as after all its made up of small geometric elements. A simple depiction of circles on their own can be visually effective, however using a wide range of the shape and combining them with other shapes such as rectangular, oval or triangular gives out more appealing geometric seamless vector design.

Geometric Monochrome Seamless Design

Creating something complex with a simple geometrical design using triangles or squares can be the way to go. Taking one color and decreasing or increasing its shade according to creativity will bring out a completely monochromatic abstact pattern. Monochrome designs create harmony and pull the whole design seamlessly. For example, using geometric tiles with rectangular grids in monochrome (using basic colors like white and black) to create a modern and stylish geometric design.

Geometric Overlapping Elements for Textiles

Creating a more sophisticated design, with already existing shapes can be of great value. Using circles, rectangles in a simple form and by overlapping both the circles and rectangles to create a new geometric overlapping design is a simple yet complex way of creating a design. Geometric colorful overlapping triangle design in geos can give an illusion effect.

Geometric Design Patterns on the Fabric

Adding geometric design to a piece of fabric, makeup or accessories can expand our horizons in fashion. Geometric shape collections draw great inspiration from palaces, mosques, temples, and churches. The use of golden color on massive ceilings, doors, and windows reflects how gracefully we can incorporate lines and shapes in fabrics. The most important thing to remember while using geometric textile designs is to create an order for every element of design used. Geometric shapes, when used in abstract designs, can be striking and strong. These designs can scale up and scale down accordingly. Mixing up geometric designs with bright colors like dark blue, dark brown and emerald green.

  • Using some gold and glitter here and there on a simple geometric design like oval shape can embellish the look completely. 
  • Silver color hearts on a black and white blinds backdrop would give a sharp look.
  • Golden color polka dots will reinforce the complete retro look.

The colors such as blue, pink and purple used as geometric monograms. Imagine a bold plum color monogram on a speedy 20 bagor blue geometric blinds on a tote bag. Not a bad idea right?

Choosing colors that complement together is key to the successful geometric design especially when preparing swimwear patterns. for example:- combining green and orange for a professional logo design and red and gold for funky fabric design. Choosing poor colors can spoil the whole artwork. The geometric design should be used with an understanding of elements of design. Any design that involves lines and shapes can be a geometric design.