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Textile, style and fashion are ever changing; nothing is constant in this ever-changing world. Ethnic designs are inspired by various cultures and traditions. These designs are based on cultural influences, usually accompanied with bold and big motifs. From traditional Indian ethnic designs to Native American afro designs; ethnic patterns are very visual and creative. These prints tell a story in their respective designs. Ethnic means “people belonging to certain culture or subgroup”.

There are several ethnic prints namely Ikat, Kalamkari, Venkatagiri, Navajao etc. Every group and subgroup is identified by how they look, what they wear and where they go. Clothing divides people into different categories. Every religion has different ethnicity; every region has a particular way of dressing. This system is followed through generations and the term tradition has arrived eventually. Throughout the human history men and women were judged by the way of dressing. Clothing in ethnic patterns is different and unique to its region and country.

Ethnic Designs of Various Countries around the World

Clothes are replica of culture and tradition. Mostly, used to communicate and belong to a certain strata in a society. Similar type of clothing was started to celebrate events, festivals and mainly to bring in unity among community or region. Exploring various traditional outfits gives designer edge to create something new every time. Learning the culture and tradition behind each textile brings a lot of knowledge and understanding the nuances of new designs in ethnic design and texture patterns.

In India saree is strong imbibed cultural clothing in every person. Women are so used to wearing sarees without any effort. If we see our mothers and grand moms the way they carry themselves in a saree will give us understanding on how strongly this form of clothing became their part and parcel of life.

Some traditional ethnic designs of clothing are:-

Tartan Ethnic Pattern

This Scottish print with repeated stripes and lines used to identify Scottish tradition and cultural significance. Scottish quilts are worn by men and women especially men honoring their tradition during all the important ceremonies and occasions. Tartan cross checkered altered Patterns Gave Birth to Many Other Design Patterns like Oxford, Plaid, Madras Etc. Tartan Prints Are Mainly in Solid Colors like Red and Black. Mix of Grey and Blue Is Also Seen In Ethnic Blue and Red Tartan Plaid Scottish Designs and Patterns.

Kimonos with Ethnic Designs

Kimonos go way back in late 17th and 19th century, kimono gave way too many designs and patterns in modern day world. This piece of clothing is the way to express individual creative sense. Typically made from silk, kimonos are ethnic dress and patterns of Japan, Japan is culturally rich country and its tradition dates way back. People in Japan are still bound to their customs and traditions. In cities like Osaka the influence of old Japan is seen in the way people dress, talk and live. Kimonos are made from long pieces of fabric, made by hand with a collar attached to give a particular shape to the collar of the dress.

The fabric used for making kimonos is free size and not addressing any particular size of the person, but instead draped and wrapped around the body and held in a place with a sash. Ethnic seamless kimono design and patterns are made with same fabric for men and women. Kimonos are worn during different traditional occasions by Japanese descendents.


Ikat form of fabric is famous in India, Cambodia, and Japan .The fineness of this weave gained lot of noise in recent times. IKat is dyeing technique used to create ethnic design and patterns on fabric. The ikat weaving techniques like warp ikat, weft ikat and double ikat techniques are used worldwide to create ethnic ikat traditional designs and pattern on the fabric.


In India, Ikat designs printed on sarees gives out a very classy look. Bold and solid colors are used for creating these designs. Warp technique is used mainly in India where ethnic design is clearly visible when threads are wound on the loom. Some designs which are famous ethnic shibori design print with stripes, ethnic oriental ikat design and pattern, ethnic ikat seamless design and pattern etc.


Batik represents one of Indonesia’s heritage tradition .This ethnic designs and pattern is one of the world’s most renowned textile art. Batik is created with dye resistance method. Few patterns used on fabrics are Ethnic west java batik designs and patterns, Ethnic batik vector design and pattern etc. Most batik designs fall into complex patterns influenced by traditions of Javanese culture. These types of ethnic fabric design are majorly two types hand drawn and block print. Batik prints became famous all over South East Asia mainly in India and Malaysia.

Ethnic Designs and Patterns in Fashion Today

Fashion trends are very seasoned, ethnic traditional designs are something which stays forever in peoples mind. Nonchalantly traditions are there close to everyone’s mind .Many designers and high street brands copy ethnic seamless designs and patterns in their new cloth line. Prints like ethnic bohemian vector seamless design and patterns, ethnic ikat designs are used frequently in today’s fashion scenario. In India ethnic design patterns like kalamkari are printed in sarees, kurtas and indo western dresses. Indo western style of clothing took a large leap in recent times. Prints of ethnic seamless batik design and patterns on dhoti sarees, dhoti pants with mix and match kurtas and crop tops became popular among youngsters. No matter where we go, what we achieve, our roots are close to our hearts .In this way human are connected around the world with tradition and culture.