Terms and Conditions - Buyer License Agreement

This Buyer License Agreement (here in after referred to as “Agreement”) made and entered into today, BETWEEN us, M/s. Ready Pattern through its website (www.readypattern.com), application, a Proprietary concern (PAN: AYUPJ2628P, GST Registration No. 27AYUPJ2628P1ZK), hereinafter called and referred to as ‘THE LICENSOR’ (which expression shall, unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof shall mean and include its Directors, successors and representatives, legal heirs, executors and permitted assigns till last survivor) of the ONE PART

Any Buyer, you on Ready Pattern for the Sales of Designs including graphics, patterns, artworks, mood boards, logo designs and other product; here in after called and referred to as ‘THE LICENSEE’ or 'CUSTOMER' or 'BUYER' (which expression shall unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof be deemed to mean and include the Proprietor/Partners/Directors for the time being and subsequent Partners/Directors from time to time constituting the said firm, their survivor or survivors of them and the heirs, executors, assigns and administrators of such last survivor) of the OTHER PART.

It contains the terms and conditions that govern your access to and use of the Platform (as defined below) created by Licensor. “We”, “us”, “our” and “Licensor” means READY PATTERN. “You” and “your” means the Licensee. “Design Ads” means any advertisement for a design based on the soft copy, data, content or image, logo, graphics that is displayed through our Platform.

Please read the document carefully. Below given clauses shall be applicable once you click on the ‘I Agree to the Terms & Conditions’ button in the Ready Pattern Buyer Registration Online Process. This agreement is legal and binding between the Buyer & Ready Pattern & must be agreed upon before registering as a Buyer with Ready Pattern.

By registering FOR OR using the (Ready Pattern) Platform (“Platform”), YOU: 

  • Agree to be bound by this Agreement; 
  • Acknowledge and agree that you have independently evaluated the desirability of using the platform and are not relying on any representation, guarantee, or statement other than as expressly set forth in this Agreement
  • Hereby represent and warrant that you are lawfully able to enter into contracts (e.g., you are a major, of sound mind). In addition, if this Agreement is being agreed to by a Company or other legal entity, then the person agreeing to this Agreement on behalf of that Company or entity hereby represents and warrants that he or she is authorized and lawfully able to bind that Company or entity to this Agreement.
  • Understand that you shall be referred to in this contract as the licensee or customer or as the buyer.

For the purpose of this Agreement:

Following are the definitions:
  1. Ready Pattern: This is the brand name under which www.readypattern.com (website domain and website) functions. Trademarks application have been made for the brand name "Ready Pattern" in India. The trademarks and copyrights of "Ready pattern" are valid and accepted universally. "Ready Pattern" as a term has been used in the contract with reference to the website www.readypattern.com. In the contract Ready Pattern implies - “We”, “us”, “our” and “Licensor”. 
  2. Design: The soft copy of the files submitted by any seller on Ready Pattern in the form of artworks, graphics, prints, illustrations, JPEG files, representing a part or a complete sample of their actual representation which may be in the format of soft copies, PSD files, AI files or any other format or in the format of hard copies such as textile hangers or wall papers. 

  3. Seller: Any person or entity selling, leasing or allowing Ready Pattern to sell and distribute any kind of design on the platform of www.readypattern.com. All sellers may or may not be verified by Ready Pattern.

  4. Elements: This refers to any part of the product design. Includes but is not limited to shapes, color concepts, moldboards, graphics, strokes, etc which form a part of a product design visible to naked eye.

  5. Live: Designs that can be viewed world-wide by everyone either on the Ready Pattern platform or any other platform.

  6. Social Media: Including Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Snapchat, Wechat, Skype, Linkedin, Google+ or any other platform categorized by Wikipedia as a Social Media Platform.

  7. Working Days: All days of the week except Sunday & Indian public Holidays.

  8. Property Rights: All copyrights, patents, database rights, registered and unregistered design rights, topography rights, trademarks and service marks and applications for any of the foregoing, together with all trade secrets, know-how, rights to confidence and other intellectual and industrial property rights in all parts of the world.

  9. Ready Pattern Agreement: The agreement binding to all buyers on Ready Pattern (i.e. www.readypattern.com domain name websites)

  10. Selling Price: The price at which sellers have agreed to buy the designs. This price may differ from the price charged after adding payment gateway fees and other charges as deemed fit by Ready Pattern. The final amount charged to the buyer may be different from that conveyed to the seller. Discounts may be added or removed which is optional and at the convenience of Ready Pattern. Selling Prices may be geographically different and may change based on the IP address of each buyer. The Selling price may be in different currencies. The currencies available on Ready Pattern may change at any time. Currency exchange rates are at the convenience of Ready Pattern and may not be actual market figures.

  11. Original: Implies the creation is that of the buyer, it is a unique self-made artwork and not influenced by any other persons creations directly or indirectly. All elements in the design are unique.

  12. Exclusive Design: These designs can be sold only once to any person world-wide. Each of these designs sold are with copyrights and when sold to any customer, all the copyrights of those designs are transferred to the customer from the seller. The customer will have the sole license across the globe to reproduce those designs in any manner he/she may deem fit. Such designs once sold to the customer cannot be resold by any person except the customer. Seller provides the copyrights of each of these designs before uploading them on the platform.

  13. Non-Exclusive Design: These designs are also called stock designs. These designs can be resold to different customers. Such designs may have been sold to others in the past and may be resold again to different persons in the future. Each customer buying such designs, may use such designs for production purpose only. Customers do not receive the copyrights to resell these designs to others. Customers can only use these designs for their in-house production. The customer cannot use these designs in digital and physical reproduction such as websites, e-books, apps, software, books, magazines, posters, banners, stage, studios, social media or any other platform. Designs can be used only for personal use or production / manufacture of Textile Goods. These designs cannot be resold in any format by the customer or buyer.

  14. Person: A person is any Individual, Company, Partnership/ Proprietorship firm, LLP, Organization, Corporation, NGO or Government bodies, Association of persons living or dead.

  15. Commercial Copyrights License: This is a license option purchased with a design allowing the customer to use the design purchased in commercial usage and non-commercial usage.

  16. Non-Commercial Copyrights License: This is a license option purchased with a design allowing the customer to use the design for non-commercial usage only.

  17. Commercial Usage: is any reproduction or purpose that is marketed, promoted, or sold and incorporated or capable of incorporating a financial transaction in the present, past or future. Examples include, but are not limited to, usage of any product purchased from Ready Pattern on merchandise, books for sale (including textbooks), apps that will be sold or have advertising, periodicals and journals with paid subscriptions, TV programs and commercial films, advertisements, websites that sell or share images for any purpose, cause-related marketing, products or items for sale, products or items for advertisement, promotion, reproduction, distribution, retail, wholesale, presentation for possible sale, samples for showcase involving any possible financial transaction in present, past or future. It also includes scenarios where parts of the product are used to develop other products which will involve a financial transaction in the present, past or future. This includes but is not limited to - re-using directly or indirectly modified elements or any part of the original design in creation of other designs, separating layers or parts of the design (visible and non-visible, but a part of the original design present in the form of multiple Adobe PSD, Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator layers) for any activity involving or capable of involving in past or future, a financial transaction, Commercial usage does not include usage of designs on products that will finally be used in-house. 

  18. Non-Commercial usage: Use the design for digital and physical reproduction such as websites, e-books, apps, software, books, magazines, posters and packaging that is not for resale and cannot influence any product sale directly or indirectly. The supplied downloadable file is a hi-resolution flat JPG file. Non-commercial usage strictly does not allow printing the design on any fabric in any manner (example: not restricted to - rotary, digital, screen or block printing). Non-commercial usage allows the design to be used for marketing media provided the design is not being sold or promoted to be sold or promoted as a creation of the customer. Non-commercial usage allows the usage of designs in emails and social media banners provided, neither the impression of the customer or any other person selling the design is not given to the intended person who shall be viewing or consuming the media, nor is the design promoted as a creation of the customer or any other person directly or indirectly. 

Buyer Registration:
  • The Buyer shall have to register on the Ready Pattern web platform in the buyer section and submit his/her/its contact details, personal / company mobile number, personal email id / company email id, passport and other mandatory information before registering as a buyer.

  • If the information is not satisfactory to the knowledge of Ready Pattern, then the buying rights may be revoked and the IP for that location may be blocked forReady Pattern Ready Pattern websites. These rights are totally in the hands ofReady Patternand a request may be sent for re-approvals.

Buyer Agrees to the basic Rights:

Upon registering on the platform, the buyer agrees to the following regarding the designs purchased on the platform:

Non Exclusive Designs -

  1. No non-exclusive design purchased on the platform shall not be shared on social media or any other website that involves in sharing, selling or distribution of images without prior written consent from Ready Pattern. The article, post and description of such a post shall be created by Ready Pattern only. Sharing such designs via social media without written confirmation from Ready Pattern via help@support.readypattern.com email id, is a breach of contract. Non-exclusive designs with rights allow the usage of designs in social media and personal website banners with restrictions as stated in the definition of commercial and non-commercial usage.
  2. Non-Exclusive Design can be resold only by Ready Pattern on the website domain www.readypattern.com by the original seller and the copyrights for the same always stay with the Ready Pattern seller only. Reselling them in any format or making them publicly available for download via the original file or any sub parts or via designs or via social media or in any other manner / format is considered a breach of contract. These designs / designs can be only used for directly printing on self manufactured goods for sale (if commercial license) or for private usage (if non-commercial license). Reselling / leasing / distributing the non-exclusive designs is not permitted and is considered a breach of contract. Printing of designs in the format of books, magazines where the design is being resold or marketed to be resold by the buyer directly or indirectly is not permitted. The buyer also cannot resell any of the elements or color concepts or any other part of the design with or without modifications. The design is only for the buyer to use their own (self) use.  
  3. Licenses of Non-Exclusive Designs cannot be transferred, leased, distributed or rented directly or indirectly by any person except Ready Pattern.
  4. Buyer is not restricted to the volume of printing or the number of pieces of manufacturing. The manufacturing however has to be done under the same Company Name under which the Design has been purchased or licenses have been attributed to. The Brand label cannot be different - which implies that subsidiaries under the same company group cannot reuse a non-exclusive design. Each Non-exclusive design cannot be used by only 1 subsidiary or branch of the company. For every subsidiary or branch a different commercial license has to be purchased. The buyer must posses the copyrights under the name of the label the buyer is going to print or consume the designs. Buyer can sell the goods manufactured with the designs printed (modified or unmodified) on them if and only if valid commercial license is purchased for that design from Ready Pattern.  
  5. Additionally the buyer is allowed to print the design in any format from only 1 external manufacturer (Apart from own self) anywhere in the world if he has a non-exclusive non-commercial license for that design. Buyer is allowed to print the design in any format from totally only 3 manufacturers (Apart from own self) anywhere in the world if he has a non-exclusive commercial license for that design. Buyer is allowed to print the design in any format from unlimited manufacturers, anywhere in the world if he has an exclusive commercial license for that design. Buyer is not allowed to transfer the files in a pen drive, DVD, design book, etc and sell the pen drive, books, DVD etc in any form unless he has an exclusive license for that design. If the buyer shall do so, it will be considered a breach of copyrights. However a blank pen drive or a blank DVD with a design printed as the cover is allowed to be sold provided the buyer has a commercial license for the design. The buyer cannot transfer the files to anyone outside the company unless it is for the company,s private usage and each search person outiside the company (who is not an employee of the company or buyer) will be considered as manufacturer.

Exclusive Designs -

  • Exclusive Designs are sold with copyrights & once sold are not sold again by Ready Pattern or any other seller. Copyrights are however given by the seller to Ready Pattern and Ready Pattern merely provides the copyrights under the name of Ready Pattern. The seller is liable at all points for breach of copyrights and Ready Pattern at no point is related to the buyer or seller in terms of such copyrights breach. 

  • The buyer will get the sellers details only when satisfactory claim has been made by the buyer to ready Pattern with a written letter stating that that the copyrights of an exclusive design has been breached as well as a legal underwriting from a local court of law is provided.=. The buyer will then have to manage with the seller and claim /settle his copyrights breach outside the Ready Pattern platform. Ready Pattern shall not present itself in any legal hearing or provide proofs other than those provided by the seller. Due care is taken by Ready Pattern to allow only reputable designers to sell original creations in the Exclusive designs section, however in case of breach, Ready Pattern is not bound in any manner to the buyer and shall only refund the payments if and when the seller refunds the same to Ready Pattern bank account in India and the payment is received in the bank account of Ready Pattern. To be noted: Copyrights are given by the seller and not by Ready Pattern platform. No claim can be made against Ready Pattern in case of Breach of Copyrights or Breach of Contract. Ready Pattern is only a platform to allow the sales of designs between the seller and the buyer.

Terms of Exclusive Designs:

  1. If the buyer is informed at a later stage of any claim of such copyrights, legal cases regarding the copyrights, using any other persons creations directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, Ready Pattern shall be informed immediately and such designs shall be taken down from Ready Pattern platform to avoid further breach. Ready Pattern shall use its sole discretion is such a situation.
  2. Exclusive Designs shall not be resold to any person in the world in any manner i.e the buyer may not sell such designs directly or indirectly or via any platform to any other person. Certain elements, colors, representations, etc taken from publicly available domain may be used by other designers, sellers to which the Seller is not bound to. The same concept shall however not be resold to anyone in the world by the seller.
  3. Ready Pattern is a platform for the sale of Designs and does not design or manufacture any designs. All designs on the website are creations of Third Party Sellers and not of Ready Pattern.
  4. The designs or designs provided by Buyer and its display on Ready Pattern Platform shall be governed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Designs buying policy:

  1. A buyer can not use different accounts to purchase designs on Ready Pattern. The buyer must link multiple accounts email id with the primary email id. Purchasing under different company names is permitted but the email id for a person must stay the same. The buyer can add multiple addresses in the My Address section and get bills accordingly, however 1 person cannot buy different designs with different email Ids. Other users in the same company can buy designs using different email IDs but must mention the company name, as the copyrights are to be used by the company. Designs purchased under personal name cannot be used for commercial purposes and the copyrights will be breached if done so. If an error is made then the design shall have to be repurchased since the invoices cannot be edited by Ready Pattern
  2. Designs once purchased shall have to be downloaded with the file links provided. Some of the files may have a password to download as well as open them. Such passwords are provided via email at the time of payment confirmation. If the buyer needs a CD / DVD for the files, additional charges apply which the buyer can opt for on the website. File links may be shared from any available file sharing service. Links may not be available for download after a certain number of days have been passed. The number of days currently is 60 days. The design links shall not be available after 30 days has been passed from the date of purchase of the design.
  3. Watermarks, borders, decorations, logos or any other text appearing on the designs shall be strictly as per the specifications laid down by the Seller and will not be there in the original files.
  4. Non-Exclusive Designs and Exclusive Designs files may be available instantly or as and when the sellers share the files. The expected date for the files shall be mentioned in the descriptions. A delay of maximum of 5 days is permitted by the seller to submit the design after the mentioned time of supply of the files. Should the seller fail to supply even after the 5 days of purchase, equivalent credits will be provided to the buyer which can be reused on the website of www.readypattern.com or www.designinfo.in. A refund to the original payment method is not possible.
  5. Even if a product usage is not or does not involve a present commercial usage but its activities may involve or influence a future commercial usage directly or indirectly, form a part of commercial usage. Example not restricted to - a product is designed to showcase a customer but involves a financial transaction only when the customer places an order is a commercial activity.
  6. Invoices are created and designed under the brand name of Ready Pattern but the licenses are issued only by the seller. Ready Pattern will hide the name of the seller for smooth functioning of the business. No licenses of any design are provided by Ready Pattern company. All licenses of copyrights are issued by the seller directly to the buyer. Ready Pattern shall provide a document stating the transfer of copyrights to the seller at the time of purchase of designs. This document signifies that the copyrights have been transferred from the seller to the buyer directly and Ready Pattern was is and will not be involved in the transfer. Buyer cannot request or claim or call upon a legal case on Ready Pattern inspite the fact that the invoices are provided by Ready Pattern.

Image Descriptions:

  1. It has been deemed that the buyer has read the description of the designs before purchasing a product. There shall no cancellations based on misinterpretation or failure to read the description of the product. 
  2. Designs are not and shall not be changed / modified based on the customer's request after purchasing the product. All custom orders have to be specified before the purchase of a product and only upon confirmation by Ready Pattern will such modifications be made. Customer orders of Color Ways shall have to be purchased on the website.
  3. The language used to write descriptions may be different from what the customer may be reading. Google Translation has been used to convert different languages and there may be certain flaws in the same for which Ready Pattern is not responsible. 
  4. Image descriptions and articles may not describe the product. It is for marketing purposes only.
  5. Separatable and Non-separable elements will be provided by the seller. If the information is false it will be at the final discretion of Ready Pattern to allow the sale to be negated, refunded or allowed for modifications. Designs are not to be purchased based on information provided in the section of separable and non-separable elements.
  6. No of the layers in any files mentioned are programmatic and are not to be influenced by when purchasing a design. The information for no of layers is at most times incorrect and are for representation only as it is machine calculated and can be incorrect. Ready Pattern and the sellers do not claim responsibility if the information for the number of layers is incorrect. The sale will not be refunded in such a situation.
  7. File dimensions, File Sizes in any description mentioned are programmatic and are not to be influenced by when purchasing a design. The information can be incorrect and is for representation only as it is machine calculated and can be incorrect. Ready Pattern and the sellers do not claim responsibility if the information for file dimension and file sizes is incorrect. The sale will not be refunded in such a situation.
  8. Designs purchase are to be influenced only by the visual aspect of the designs. If any visual aspect is missing in the design files, then the same can be communicated to Ready Pattern within 14 days of purchase. Most descrepencies are resolved normal communication between buyer and seller. In case of an issue, Ready Pattern shall interfere and take a resolution that it may seem fit.

Removal of Uploaded Designs by Ready Pattern

  • Non-Exclusive Designs are not removed from the website.

  • Removal of Exclusive Designs shall take upto 14 days. These designs may have been used in the past for promotion / advertisement in the form of JPEG designs and removal from such third party sources is not guaranteed by us. If requested by the buyer with the image links, the designs shall be removed if in the capacity of Ready Pattern within a period of 30 days.

Pricing of Designs

Buyers shall have to pay the price as mentioned on the website. Promotions and discount coupons may be used to avail discounts on the price. Payment Gateway fee shall be added separately in the cart. Any additional custom requests shall be added in the cart. The final price charged is in INR and the currency conversion shall apply on them as per the currency conversion which Ready Pattern may seem suitable. The currency conversion may differ from the actual currency conversion rates. 

The price is charged by the payment gateway and any default in the payments or misuse of the card is totally the responsibility of the payment gateway & the buyer and Ready Pattern shall not be liable for any incorrect charges. Ready Pattern has taken due care to partner with the best payment gateways yet fraudulent activities cannot be prevented completely. If the payment fails or an incorrect amount is charged, Ready Pattern shall only provide the facts with the charges but shall not interfere with the claims or shall not be responsible for the refund. PayZapp HDFC payment Gateway, CCAvenue, Razorpay, Paypal will be used and the most apt payment gateway shall be used to process the payment. Customer can select his payment gateway before making the payment.

Payments can also be made by Bank Transfers which shall have to be done in the bank account details provided on the invoice on completion of the order. Order is considered to be confirmed only when the payment is received in our bank account and the SWIFT copy of the same is sent to us via email. Non Exclusive Designs have a time limit of 7 days before which the payment must be received along with the SWIFT copy or else the order shall be cancelled. For Exclusive designs the time limit is 3 days for which the payment must be received in our account along with the SWIFT copy or else the order shall be canceled. Days are counted immediately after the order has been placed.

Breach Causes

Ready Pattern is a mediator for selling designs by the buyers to the end customers. The licenses are provided by the buyers with their authorization, signatures. Copyrights are issued by the buyers and Ready Pattern merely provides an amended copy in the name of Ready Pattern of the same to the customers. The amended copy does not imply at any point that Ready Pattern has issues any kind of license. For each and every design, the licenses are provided only by the sellers on Ready Pattern platform.

The Buyer can apply for claim the following Errors only within 7 days of the delivery of the design file: 

  • The Image is not as per the specifications
  • Layers in the designs are missing
  • Incorrect Image has been delivered

After 7 days the above requests shall not be entertained and will be at the discretion of Ready Pattern.

The Buyer can claim the following Errors only within 24 months of the purchase of the design: 

  • Exclusive Design has been found to be sold to someone else
  • Exclusive Design is being sold to someone else by Ready Pattern
  • Exclusive Design is being sold by someone else to another buyer.

Under such conditions, 

  • On receiving sufficient information within the existing time period, Ready Pattern shall consider the proofs. Ready Pattern shall provide the details of the seller and the buyer may claim his rights by directly contacting the seller or by filing a legal case. Ready Pattern only provides the proofs for the date of sale of the Design and the copyrights for the same passed on by the seller, but upon breach, legal case is to be dealt with externally and Ready Pattern may or may not present itself in such a hearing. Design Infi shall deal with each case individually and may or may not revert on such a request.
  • It is to be noted that Ready Pattern is a platform for selling designs, the copyright are served by the seller and not Ready Pattern. Ready Pattern merely places it name on the copyrights but is not responsible for them.
  • The sellers provide sufficient information before registering on the Ready Pattern platform and their background is thoroughly checked before allowing them to sell any designs.  
  • If a buyer claims that the files are not as described & Ready Pattern is satisfied with the claim then the same information shall be forwarded to the seller and the necessary changes shall be made if any are needed by the seller. Ready Pattern shall intervene at every point and reply to the buyer / seller. If the buyer proves that the Designs are not as per the description & Ready Pattern is satisfied with the claim then the same information shall be forwarded to the seller and the necessary changes will be made within 20 working days. If the sellers fails to provide the changes then a credit note shall be offered to the buyer. This credit note can be used by the buyer to purchase any other product from www.readypattern.com or www.designinfo.in, however upon receiving the credit note, the original design against which the credit notes were issues will lose the license and the license rights shall be transferred back to the original seller. The buyer does not have the rights to claim any fines or dues or penalty for not receiving the design as described. The maximum liability is restricted to the selling price of the design.
  • If a buyer claims piracy / copyrights / patents, etc. or has any qualms or unpleasant experience with the sale of design on the platform of Ready Pattern through its buyers, the same shall be contested individually and directly by the Buyer and/or customer at their entire risks as to costs and consequences. Ready Pattern shall not be involved directly or indirectly in any of the disputes arising out of the sale on its platform. - Ready Pattern will act only as a mediator and serve information from the seller to the buyer. Ready Pattern shall not be responsible for any fraudulent activities of the buyer / seller or dissatisfaction of the buyer. Any litigation arising out of the said issue or any other issues shall be dealt with Court of laws having exclusive jurisdiction at Mumbai, India and all cases shall be filed in the city of Mumbai, India at the entire risks as to cost and consequences borne either by the Customer or the Buyer. 
  • Ready Pattern may not file a case on behalf of anyone - buyer or customer unless it feels necessary, however Ready Pattern may take ‘Necessary action’ upon the buyer or customer in any manner it feels right. Ready Pattern shall not be liable for any damages and/or compensation and shall not pay the fees for any proceedings.
  • If the buyer feels that a Design has been misused or mismanaged then necessary action shall be taken against the said buyer. However, Ready Pattern may not file any cases or take any third party actions unless it feels necessary. Credit Notes shall be provided only after Ready Pattern is fully satisfied with the claim. On concerns of piracy, if found that a buyer is misusing the non-exclusive designs by selling them or distributing them for free or for a cost or making the images available for download or for viewing it publicly then Ready Pattern may file a legal case against such a buyer and the buyer shall have to compensate the amount in 40 times the selling price of the non exclusive Design on Ready Pattern.

Conditions undewhich Buyer breaches the contract against Ready Pattern

  1. Buyer breaks any of the terms of the contract as stated in this contract.

  2. Buyer uploads any non-exclusive design on a platform which it is not allowed to.

  3. Buyer uses a design for a purpose for which it does not posees the copyrights on the first day of usage of the designs.

  4. Buyer sells, distributes, markets, rents or leases, attempts to or is involved in any illegal activities of the designs for which it does not posses as valid license.

Ready Pattern may request a settlement with the buyer under which the buyer shall have to compensate with the loss and pay indemnities of amounts which Ready Pattern shall seem fit or may directly file a legal case against the buyer. In certain cases Ready Pattern may directly file a legal case against the buyer. For this Ready Pattern may involve external agencies.


Ready Pattern shall store all the files submitted by the seller on a secured platform. Ready Pattern shall not be responsible for any loss of data or due to a server attack, viruses, theft, copy, piracy, etc. There is a limited time for you to download the files from the server. They may be removed after that from the server and the design shall have to be repurchased if the due date has passed away. The due date is 30 days. In certain cases the designs may be available for download for a longer period, however this does not imply that all the designs will be available for download post 30 days of purchase. It is at the discretion of Ready pattern to allow the downloads of the files after 30 days of purchase. Ready Pattern may also request a fee to download the file after 30 days of purchase. 


Ready Pattern may amend this contract at any given time and upload the agreement on the website. It is the responsibility of the buyer to read the contract. Mere uploading of the edited contract and continuing of sales on Ready Pattern implies the buyer has agreed to the modified contract. Edits shall be emailed to all customers with the modified contract links. The deliver ability of all the emails cannot be guaranteed by Ready Pattern.

By clicking on I AGREE at the time of checkout and purchase of designs, the Buyer/Licensee agrees to all the terms & conditions stated and specifically let out herein above. In certain cases credits may be purchased earlier for which the designs are provided at a later stage. In such situations it is deemed that the buyer has read the terms and conditions of sale and shall abide by them.