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✔ Checks Prints for Fashion & Textile | PSD & AI Files Download

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Many trends come and fade away but many make their mark and live forever, like a legacy. Same goes for the all famous checkered prints, as it was rightly said by the famous French designer, “Modes passent le style est èternel” meaning fashions pass but style is eternal is very important when it comes to the world of clothing. A very groovy and funky trend that hasn’t left us in a long time, we may find it at unexpected and yet it may not be out of place at all, are the checkered prints.

You can use checkered prints for almost any type of clothing or accessories. You can use them in your tops, tee shirts, shirts, pants, foot wear and earrings and so on. Also checkered print eye makeup has also made a fashion statement. It’s the most adaptable print and easily blends in with anything and everything. Yet, it makes you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a little stroll down the memory lane, let’s go back to the time where the checkered prints were invented or discovered. It was towards the end of the 17th century that the checkered prints started to crop up in the US. Yep it’s that old! And also the first printed version was introduced in 1762 by British banker Lawrence Childs. A big thanks to him though, to introduce it to the world!

Checkered Prints – An Evergreen Legacy

In the early 80s the checkered print had maddened people to such an extent that even their interiors and decors consisted of checkered print objects. As the ladies flaunted checkered print skater dresses and pleated high waist checkered pants, the gentlemen flaunted checkered print shirts with plain trousers or plain shirts with checkered trousers, also, their accessories consisted of checkered hats and checkered coats either long or short.

The teens those days flaunted oversize denim jackets with checks sleeves with checkered prints and loose fitting torn jeans and girls flaunted polo neck tops with checks skirts. Also the famous beanie hats were preferred in checks! As we all maybe we’ll versed with the name Burberry. Its signature is the “checkered print” because it knows that it can make a statement anytime and will always rock the world. Taking into consideration how the checkered print has impacted the world as a whole

Another famous little world of Bollywood has also adapted to the trend well. Taking a leap back to the olden days where the films used to run in black and white checkered prints had caught the eyes of the audience and it was made into a trend even back then. And fast forwarding to now, ladies have blended in the checkered print in the old yet beautiful and ever green sarees. Sometimes the blouses are checkered, sometimes the saree is checkered, sometimes the borders are checkered and sometimes the neckline is checkered.

We’ve also seen the craziness checkered prints have created in the Indian fashion and acting industry. The trends started by many actress and models have embedded in our minds that with a marvellous fashion sense we can make anything look amazing. Also not to be kidding but checkered print bindis are available too! To give a very chic ethnic touch to the Indian look. 

6 Methods to match checkered prints in our outfits with ease. 

  1. We could pair it with a plain white top, black jeans and a checkered jacket with a pair of timberland boots as a casual outfit for outings. 
  2. And for ladies attending meetings, wanna impress your colleagues with your amazing fashion sense, you may wear a checkered print one piece and pair it with a pair of pumps and hang a swing coat on your shoulders.
  3. You can also wear a single coloured outfit and pair it with a checkered print purse or earrings.
  4. And for a little summery vibe, you can put on a cute little checkered print swim suit along with checkered print sun glasses.
  5. You can also put on a show with your winter look but throwing on a long checkered over coat on a top and and dark blue jeans with knee high boots.
  6. And you if you want to get some Kim Kardashian vibes going on then you can pair a very sensual latex midi with thigh high checkered print boots and an extra small tote bag to make it classier and give a rich feel.

Let’s take a turn to the neighbouring countries of India, i.e, Japan and China. They too have adopted the checkered prints into their day to day life and dresses as well. As we all know the school uniforms of course consist of checkered print skirts and the professors prefer checkered print shirts with plain trousers. The traditional Kimono of Japan can sometimes flaunt checkered print too. Again, a blend of both tradition and trend. It’s really mind blowing to know that fact that these days the tribal clothing style of the Maasai Tribe of Africa is also making a fashion statement as people are sporting their famous checkered prints in modern dressing styles, which can be mostly seen in stylish one pieces paired with boots. 

But interestingly, the checkered print is most beloved to Scotland. There it’s known as Tartan. Tartan actually means patterned criss-crossed vertical lines and horizontal bands of many colours giving it a checkered look. It was loved so much by the natives that it was made their national outfit! As we all are familiar with the current situation going on, nevertheless, people have still taken a chance and shown crazy creative ideas by painting their face masks with different art works including the all-time favourite checkered print.

It has been forecasted as well that patterns like elevated checks and houndstooth will be taking over the fashion world in 2020. So let us be prepared to get our minds blown away by these upcoming trends! There’s no sphere of life that hasn’t been touched by the checkered prints. They’ve had such an impact on us that even something as small as a button on the shirt has an option for checkered print. The legacy of checkered prints will be carried on for decades as it has been carried forward to us.