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Botanical Prints - Leaves, Branches & Creepers | PSD & AI Files

Botanical Prints - Leaves, Branches & Creepers | PSD & AI Files

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Womenswear Botanical Prints consist of motifs that have natural scenic views depicted on them like trees, mountains, sky, earth, waves of ocean, rivers, sea.

When views of Botanical become part of the work environment of humans its believed by certain research scientists that it leaves a positive effect on human psychology. The views of the natural world when transformed into intriguing graphic images and printed on fabric, give a soothing effect to not only the person wearing it but also to the people in and around present in that environment. An image-rich and full of a variety of shapes that have depth and great texture lets the designer choose the theme of their collection with ease. Each image shall be available in a variety of colors to coordinate with the mood of the person adorning the dress.

With Design on the Textile method, the designer can choose from eclectic images for digital printing on Resolve boundary screens and flags. It helps to intertwine botanical patterns, arts, visual effects, graphics, hence creating a stimulating experience for the people choosing that fabric.

Botanical Prints in Repeat with Seascape and Canal:

A wide shot of ocean waves makes the water look softly textured, the whole image when also covers sky which looks sharp and crisp Ridges of mown hay create texture and dimensionality. The flowing curves can form a horizontal connection among multiple adjacent Resolve screens. When you have to depict Canal on a piece of fabric then take a natural shot, where a calm and serene long-distance view of water flow along with shore plants shall add depth to the view and serenity to the picture.

Botanical Repeat Prints with Branch and Trees:

To depict a tree branch there should be strong, dark lines of dogwood branches contrasting with their delicate, translucent leaves. Such a scene will depict the tree branches in the most poetic way as if they were meant to sing the song of Botanical Textile Designs and were captured in a picture. When depicted trees in a graphic image for a fabric one should click it in a way that there are layers of foreground, a background and a horizon to provide a realistic and panoramic “slice of Botanical” across adjacent scenes.

Fields and Strawflower Botanical styles in designs:

Depicting fields on a piece of fabric cannot look more beautiful than showing ridges of mown hay. They create texture and dimensionality. The flowing curves can form a horizontal connection among multiple adjacent patches. Strawflowers can be clicked and digitally printed or else they can also be carved like motifs on a piece of fabric with light shades. Wildflowers like these are grouped on a lightbox, photographed and some manipulation can be done digitally. Creating natural forms of a cluster of flowers gives the brain a pleasant experience to keep calm and serene.

Sea, Plant and Fossil Botanical artworks from Textile Designers:

The Sea plant is found on the bottom of the sea, but it could be a cluster of wildflowers on dry land or a close-up of dense moss too, which can be depicted on a piece of fabric through digitally modified pictures and a play with colors as per the fashion season requires. Such pictures are only for Botanical Design lovers who are explorers. The skeleton of a trunkfish looks like a textured glass. Mast scanned the skeleton and arranged images of the fish's cell structure for the honeycomb-like pattern, this gives a coastal look to the print and that must be soothing to the soul of the observer and the one wearing it.

Botanical Creative Designs with Shadow and Water:

Shadow work can be smartly played to show softness that dimensionality emerges from zooming in on an out-of-focus background of leaves on a tree branch. Water is a natural resource that has been depicted in fabrics marvelously in the past. A tight view of a lake surface rippling in a gentle breeze has graceful visual texture. It looks like a moiré effect on fabric or desert sand.

Leaves and Branches from Botanical Symmetries and Spirals Textile Designs:

There are several kinds of symmetries present in Botanical Textile Designs. The common ones are bilateral and radial symmetry. Bilateral symmetry means an object has a left side and a right side that are mirror images of each other hence when depicted them on a piece of fabric gives a great effect. Radial symmetry is common in flowers even when the rest of the plant exhibits little or no symmetry. Spirals are all around us. When we see the center of sunflower it is a complex spiral and so are the plates of a pineapple. When Spirals are depicted on a fabric they may be looked as Vine tendrils spiral around the objects they cling to or a DNA double-helix in a spiral; nautilus shells, snail shells, they can be depicted any which ways on a fabric giving a unique look to the person wearing it.

Thus natural patterns and designs for womenswear exist in various forms the only thing a designer has to keep in mind is the taste of the person for whom they are designing!