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Border designs are the most coveted embellished elements which can easily incorporate in fashion designing. Borders are interesting elements to play within any outfit. A structured border design can help separate your design from other aspects of design. A right border pattern with significant space in-between defines the start and end of the design. For example, a beautiful red color saree can get revamped with a gold border. Border seamless designs and patterns act as a statement for an outfit to stand out. New fashion trends run on innovation; border designs play a significant role to accessorize fashion outfits and make them available to masses. With the advancement of technology, digital vector border designs and patterns are easily accessible. These designs give an edge to the designer to make a dreamy outfit out of simple available materials.

The latest fashion trends, especially in India, have a considerable influence on border designs and patterns on them. Compared to West, Indian designs are more traditionally rooted, with the change of fashion trends every season, border seamless designs and patterns have been constant in design circuit. Border designs depend on the taste of each individual; these designs should complement the main subject, which is a plain white dress can have a bold green vintage border design on the neckline. The color combinations should match and be visually appealing. Border designs do not have any regular defined shape, and the design appliqué allows the border to take shape on its course. Some border designs patterns used regularly are vintage vector Border designs and patterns, ornamental border designs and patterns, etc.

Commonly Used Border Designs and Patterns

The border design should be on par with the flow of the outfit. Merging the border with the layout on fabric depends on many factors. The size of the border designs matter the most when trying to merge with the design flow; small borders are used in corners to give a complete look to an outfit. Big and irregular border designs and patterns used on various parts of an outfit like the neckline, shoulder patch, etc.

Some Border designs and patterns regularly used are:-

  • A simple line border designs and patterns can create a subtle profile when repeated on the fabric. These border designs mostly in single bold colors like black or white.
  • Vintage border designs and patterns are a mix of lines and shape elements; the uniqueness behind these border designs is the essence of this style. The main characteristic of these vintage border designs is the amalgamation of thin and thick lines to form a constructive border.
  • Oversized colored vector border designs and patterns have a variety of colors, both bold and warm. These designs have both a modern and contemporary look to it.
  • Retro border designs and patterns were in fashion since a long time ago, depicting a particular era; these designs come with a certain aura attached to them. The use of classic colors like white and black seen in use.

  Border Designs on Fabrics

 Border designs help establish a personality to the outfit. Nearly all border design patterns come with coordinating color combinations with respective outfits. Borders run either horizontally, vertically, or along the perimeter of the outfit. Traditionally borders are being stitched parallel along the outfit, but now borders with cut edges are seen in use. Designers started working a lot on border designs. For example, zardozi work on a border design was in fashion for a very long time. Border designs and patterns are hand and machine-made. There are many beautiful handmade border designs used on scarves, necklines, saree borders, etc. Border prints are unique fabric made deisigns. Nowadays, a variety of vector border designs and patterns are available to incorporate on the outfits readily. Before creating a border fabric, one must keep in mind the scale of the size of design, placement of border on fabric, matching of the border with the rest out the non-border material. There are many forms of border designs broadly classified in to horizontal and vertical. Flat designs are used mostly in the neckline. To accentuate a Chinese collar neckline, the designer can attach a smooth floral border design and pattern to it. Vertical line seamless border designs