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Ready Pattern Design & Trends Blog

Review of Runway Floral Print & Pattern Trends - Paris Fashion Week A/W 2021

by Astrid Kingerly

June 8, 2020 14:51 label 7 minutes read label Leave a comment

label Leave a comment

Floral Prints and Patterns have become a fashion staple. One can possibly never go wrong with florals. Floral Patterns have always been a hit on the runways and fashion shows. The Paris Fashion Week had some exceptional floral patterns and textile designs which inspired thousands of surface pattern designers.

Kwaidan Editions showcased their floral patterns and prints in the Paris Fashion Week Catwalk and Runway Shows. Romantic florentine patterns never looked better. Gathering information and trends from designers, Ready Pattern has created a collection of similar looking patterns and designs so that you don't have to search for it elsewhere.

Romantic Floral Prints & Patterns

Large floral prints and patterns in silky silhouettes was showcased by Rodarte in the Paris Fashion Week. Sometimes large patterns with soft silhouettes make for the perfect romantic florentine. With top designers betting on this trend, Ready Pattern's team of designers came up with the collection of similar looking prints for the upcoming season of A/W 2021.

Runway Floral Print & Pattern

Giambattista Valli bought the classic pink and white romantic floral patterns to the Catwalk and Runway show of the Paris Fashion Week. Detailed, intricate floral patterns are romantic and set the mood for a perfect date. Following this trend surface pattern designers have created designs and patterns and exhibited their collection on Ready Pattern. Ready Pattern brings the best of the patterns following this trend below.

Trending Floral Textile Designs

Best Floral Textile Designs

Altuzarra showcased romantic floral patterns in dark hues in the Paris Fashion Week. It is not always the light tones and hues that make for a romantic floral pattern. With such huge designers betting on this trend, Ready Pattern curated similar looking patterns and designs that give justice to the trend.

Dark Floral Patterns

It was not just the dark hued patterns and prints that Altuzarra bought to the runway that caught attention but also the perfect light romantic floral patterns. Check out Ready Pattern's take on such gorgeous prints following the trend.

Romantic Florentine Prints

Trending Romantic Floral Patterns

Romance Was Born showcased bold, vivacious romantic patterns and prints in the catwalk and runway show in Paris Fashion Week. Taking inspiration from such patterns and print Ready Pattern created a collection of similar looking designs that follow the trend.

About the author

Astrid Kingerly

Astrid Kingerly is a fashion designer at Ready Pattern. She curates surface design moodboards for upcoming seasons after researching on trends and forecasts. Do you have any design stories which you would like to showcase? Write to us.


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