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Ready Pattern Design & Trends Blog

Top 5 Trending Ethnic Patterns Must Have - 2021 Summer

by Astrid Kingerly

June 3, 2020 19:27 label 14 minutes read label Leave a comment

label Leave a comment

Ethnic word refers to cultural ties and tradition which are basically related to specific country. In the modern era, there are plenty of patterns and designs which are used to produce different styles to wear.

Among the latest patterns in this summer and spring season 2020, many techniques are in trend which is connected to one's culture and tradition. Let us talk about country India where each of the state is famous for their specialty in terms of designs. Art is also nowadays converted into printed fabrics and give fully traditional look.

Many of us adore to wear traditional dresses where ethnic patterns are printed. There are plethora of reasons to incorporate ethnic dresses into creative outfit and many benefits to purchase and wear cultural dresses which must to have in your wardrobe this season.


    1. TIE AND DYE
      TIE AND DYE method is used is used to produce clothes in tying sections which is originally made up in Rajasthan some 5000 years ago. It is one of the ethnic design which is naturally come from leaves of fruits, barks, plants etc. Most famous ones named as Lehriya, Ekdali, Mothda and Shikhari which make blossom patterns. Tying is one of the most important part in this which involves the technique to produce different styles.
      Nowadays, people usually like to wear Lehriya Duppattas and Scarves to protect themselves from hot season. Even designers are using in their collection. No age groups are referred. Even movie stars adore to wear because of their vibrancy and it accentuates their body curves. It is famous because it is made up of natural fibres which came long before the revolution and modern synthetic fabrics. When people wear it, they feel more comfortable, easy to wear and eco friendly and in summer, it reduces the heat.
      BLOCK PATTERNS  are creative and unique because artists creates block style before printing. It is fully handmade work which employs from wooden or metal blocks. It is made up of technique from non toxic dyes, vegetable dyes, minerals etc. Mainly prints are in colourful animals, birds, human figures, god’s. Most famous ones named as Sanganer, Pali and Barmer.
      People mostly like to wear Barmer which is known for red chillies with blue or black outlines that are surrounded by flower- laden trees. Paisley prints go very well with ethnic patterns. Another are prints of camels, horses, peacocks and lions. These designs are mostly inspired by Sindh region. Many famous actresses adore to wear this ethnic pattern on traditional weddings. Quality of this fabric is so demanding as tourist wanted to buy it. Local artisans nowadays find new collections where they tried to adjust modern techniques in it and revive in industry.
      PATOLA (a double IKAT weave) originated in Gujrat. It act as a sign of social status in Gujrati women. It’s made up from natural dyes  such as indigo, turmeric, catechu, cochineas, ratnajyot, marigold flower and many more for the coloring process. For saree lovers, it could be the best ethnic pattern to wear, it is one of the exclusive inheritance of royalty and aristocracy. In weddings and rituals ,this is the favorite handwoven wonder to wear. It’s immense value is just not only because of intricacy but also for it’s tremendous skill and perseverance.
      Nowadays, even in the other community like Muslims , Hindus and Jains added patola silk into their favorite dresses. Also, Smriti Irani shows  her interest into weaving technique and many designers started their events to enhance this technique to high level and make it more famous. They receive a valuable response from the audience through this ethnic pattern and now many people adore to wear. Most of the cultural traditions want to keep themselves covered. So, being modest is one of the reason to wear this outfits where you look so simple and modest. Therefore, ethnic dresses are not great in one's origin but also it doesn’t offend any local's modesty.
      KALAMKARI is a art of drawing by a pen in India when artists or musicians migrate their places from one part to another they usually drove their stories or episodes in form  of story telling this painting extracts from original mythology with natural colors Famous art included freehand abstracts floral and animals print and over inspiration prints , KALAMKARI is one of important demand.
      Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone,   Sonam Kapoor, Rekha who wear KALAMKARI outfit in the colorfully embossed with hand painted motifs. In this modern  era, it is often even used for making cotton fabric by using vegetable dye for free handed painting. It is one of the oldest form which is actually a painting technique which is popular all over the world.
      GOLD AND SILVER KHARI PRINT is one of the most royal fabric of Rajasthan which especially used during marriages and festivals. It is metallic printing with colors or in white color which is done over hand printed fabrics but mostly on blocks to provide special highlight. Just because of the inclining price of gold n silver now in this time,  it is  difficult to use original metal to produce because it is too expensive however people oftenly used different techniques by relating fabric in textile to give the touch of khari.
      This fabric technique is so popular and people adore to wear it is made up of plain dyed printed embroidered or finished textile. Nowadays, this fabric are available in colors where one can look so vibrant and colorful. By wearing this ethnic pattern outfits in summer, it looks so bright and so classy.

Spring months call and summer months want the light fabric that define if there is a need to change, just add ethnic dresses in your wardrobe for unique outfits  because handloom weaves are becoming trending fashion this year. By this way, you will also help your nation's local artists, their culture and also environment intact into it…….

About the author

Astrid Kingerly

Astrid Kingerly is a fashion designer at Ready Pattern. She curates surface design moodboards for upcoming seasons after researching on trends and forecasts. Do you have any design stories which you would like to showcase? Write to us.


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