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Ready Pattern Design & Trends Blog

7 Must Watch Textile Print Trends Perfect For Hot Summer - 2021

by Astrid Kingerly

June 3, 2020 16:41 label 15 minutes read label Leave a comment

label Leave a comment

With the temperature soaring outside and the heat waves hitting the city it is that time of the year again when you pull out your summery outfits. As the summer sun blazes outside it is the season again which calls in for the donning of light fabrics and multi hued outfits. With the summer season in, the fashion industry is all set to gear us up for the season with their humongous array of summer outfits. The much-awaited couture shows have given us some real summer #fashiongoals with their colourful kaleidoscope of textile prints, patterns and designs. Right from floral motifs, polka dots to embroidered outfits the choices available are many. The rainbow of colours and elaborate textile prints of summer 2021 have made us to drool over its charm. 

Every year to make the people summer-ready the textile industry brings forward a hoard of patterns and prints. Irrespective of the array of patterns and prints there is one which becomes the trend of the season. Last summer witnessed the rise in the trend of matching and mixing of patterns. The rise of mixed and matched patterns inspired ace designers to weave out some gorgeous outfit in the trend of the season. Unlike last season Summer, 2021 witnessed rainbow textile prints ruling the runways. Right from vertical rainbow striped skirts to flowy dresses in multi hued floral prints the rainbow prints have become the ruling trend of Summer 2020. Apart from the rainbow prints the couture shows of 2021 also presented other designs and patterns.

So for all the fashionista’s out there, straight from the runways of the couture shows we have brought a handpicked list of top textile print trends for Summer 2020. Slay the summer like a queen as you choose your pick from this list. What are you waiting for? Check out the list now! 

  1. Ravishing Rainbows

Talking about prints and patterns one simply cannot miss out talking about the trend of the season, the rainbow prints. The rainbow textile prints are making a statement in Summer 2021. The myriad of hues of this textile print makes them the perfect fit for the hot summer. Right from long-sleeved turtleneck with horizontal rainbow stripes to high waisted khaki trousers in the rainbow prints that transported the onlookers the campus life of the 70s’, the runaway of fashion shows were ruled by the trend.

  1. Modern Tie Dyes

The colourful kaleidoscope of the Indian origin vibrant tie dyes have stolen the limelight at the couture shows. Right from modern batik, rainbow dyes, crystal patterns, abstract geos to inky merge and mirrored pattern, several variants of the modern tie-dyes prints have made rounds on the runways of 2021. Amidst the wide array of the variants tie-dye with mandala effects, new age marbling prints and iridescent oil prints have garnered much attention.

  1. Stellar Nature Prints

 Summer 2020 is all about bringing in the goodness of nature to your wardrobe. Confused about what we mean? Well, this season seems like the textile industry and designers have got inspired by nature and the inspiration has led to the rise in the trend of jungle prints. The Versace jungle textile print has topped the list making it the ideal fit for high summer and the holiday looks. 

  1. Pretty Polka Dots

2021 witnessed the return of the polka dots. The sophisticated yet chic look attained by polka dots has caused it to make a massive comeback this year. Major couture shows witnessed the models walking down the ramp dressed in polka outfits. Right from polka dot dresses to polka shirts the summer fashion shows witnessed the rise of the polka prints. Available in vibrant colour schemes the polka dots add polish to any outfit.

  1. Fascinating Floral Prints

The colourful vibrancy of floral prints never makes it to go out of demand. However, this season has witnessed the comeback of the charm of vintage floral prints. The gorgeous 70s vintage floral prints with their bold coloured silhouettes have become standout points in couture shows of this season. So whether it’s a beach party or the regular summer shopping flaunt your fashion sense as you pick a dress with vintage floral prints. 

  1. Gracious Gradients 

The pretty colour melts of the gorgeous gradients have made them win the hearts in the fashion shows of 2021. The textile gradient prints with its soft hues which hail from cream to blush have made it to earn its fan following. For those fashionistas seeking to keep their style simple this summer can opt for the gradient fabric printed outfits.

  1. Sassy Symmetric Prints

Symmetrical prints have earned fame overtime for their feminine and classy look. Couture shows of 2021 have given rise to symmetric prints combined with floral and geometric shapes. Acing brands like Prada, Valentino and Gucci presented their exquisite line of symmetric textile prints in the fashion shows.

So these were a few popular textile print trends for this season. Have you bookmarked your choice yet?

About the author

Astrid Kingerly

Astrid Kingerly is a fashion designer at Ready Pattern. She curates surface design moodboards for upcoming seasons after researching on trends and forecasts. Do you have any design stories which you would like to showcase? Write to us.


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