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Ready Pattern Seller Blog

How to sell your Textile Designs & Surface Patterns Globally & Earn Money?

by Astrid Kingerly

March 1, 2020 22:25 label 7 minutes read label Leave a comment

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Selling seamless surface designs is a thriving and lucrative business. There are plenty of options available in the market. There are enormous scope and range of products right from textile prints; there are various categories of designs from which consumers can select. Ready Pattern is the best Market Places to Sell Your Surface Designs, Illustrations, and Art in the WorldA Lot of surface textile designers portray their work with utmost creativity. Sourcing and licensing premium surface textile designs are also available with just a click of a button. There is a gamut of vector designs used on several fabrics, mainly in fashion and interior design. A majority of surface textile designers are choosing to become entrepreneurs, and selling their designs and artworks around the world. Some of the accessible surface textile designs are seamless womenswear designs; seamless kids wear designs and patterns, seamless abstract womenswear designs and patterns, etc. There are many e-commerce platforms where designers can sell patterns and illustrations. In this age of technology selling digital products. It is much comfortable than trading physical goods.

Steps for Selling Surface Textile Designs

A lot of creative artists around the world shifted from hand-drawn textile designs to digital vector designs and patterns. Though there is a contradiction to this theory, hand block print textiles always have an advantage over digital surface vector designs and patterns. There are significant advantages in digital printing; this technology enables the mixing of various colors and layering of elements of design in a flow. There are a few steps to follow by every surface textile designer. Few of them are as follows: -

  1. Designing a seamless surface design textile patterns: - there are many ways on how the designer approaches, steps like how to approach is the vital key. Adopting a simple pattern style is recommended for the starters. Simplicity is the key to create unique designs. Carefully approaching the repeat pattern results in a neat design.
  2. Selecting a suitable e-commerce website: - there are plenty of options for pattern designer's, choosing a viable site for selling surface textile patterns is essential. Some of them include pattern bank, spoonflower, shutter shock, etc.
  3. Pricing the repeat pattern: - its essential to spend time developing pricing strategies for your design can choose to license and copyright the work or sell on the websites for commission.
  4. Selling surface designs online: - once the above strategies met, the designer is ready to publish his/her designs online.

eCommerce Websites Which Enable Surface Designers to Sell Their Art Work

Exploring the options to sell designs and a little research in this area recommended for every budding surface designer. Choosing the right website and uploading the designs can turn into a lucrative business. These eCommerce platforms help the designer to reach out quickly to the suppliers. Some of the potential sites were one can sell their creative work are mentioned as follows: -

  • Ready Pattern: - The largest platform to sell premium textile designs and patterns. An artificial intelligence based platform to fullfill all the needs of a surface designer. It connects over 1M surface designs to global brands. You can start applying on Ready Pattern Seller Central
  • Spoonflower: - this portal enables the designer to upload the surface designs or buy many textile designs patterns suitable for prospective business. The designer gets a specific commission when his / her models sold on the portal.
  • Print all over me: - this particular niche website, only prints all over surface pattern designs. This dedicated portal for repeated patterns. There's a vast market potential to sell digital surface designs; plenty of people buy and sell the models online without physically going in the market.
  • Shutter shock and vector shock: - these two websites provide a gamut of options for the buyer. There are many patterns right from seamless floral vector designs to smooth geometric vector designs and patterns. With just one click, the buyer can get the desired design. These surface vector designs are used mainly on fabrics for various industries. These websites target fashion and interior industries primarily.

There is a massive shift in people all over the world, moving towards digital goods. Selling patterns on digital platforms enables designers to display creativity sitting from any part of the world. There is a glitch with this industry; the price paid is less than physical market places. Surface pattern design is a pitch that many designers are showing interest recently, as an appealing creativity activity. Surface vector designs are omnipresent. Many products, apparels, fashion, home furnishing these surface pattern designs are everywhere. The textile designers should have a keen eye for things around to find new repeat patterns from natural surroundings. These influences stimulate the creativity side of surface textile designers. Choosing simple models over complicated repeat designs avoid ambiguity and helps for a flow; the Creative market is a portal that allows for buying and selling digital goods. This portal is one of the best resources; this website helps the designers to sell surface designs to buyers and small enterprises without any hassle. Most of these websites don't demand fee; this allows designers from every walk of life to display their creativity.

About the author

Astrid Kingerly

Astrid Kingerly is a fashion designer at Ready Pattern. She curates surface design moodboards for upcoming seasons after researching on trends and forecasts. Do you have any design stories which you would like to showcase? Write to us.


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