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Ready Pattern Design & Trends Blog

The Spiritual Mystique of Mandala Art Patterns in Textiles

by Michelle Frances

June 3, 2020 17:20 label 9 minutes read label Leave a comment

label Leave a comment

"The architecture of the mandala represents both the nature of reality and the order of an awakened mind." -John Power.

Can you imagine the universe being represented by a single image? It may be, or may not be! But do you know, the ancient people have represented the universe with a single image for years - through Mandalas. Served as a sacred symbol for centuries, mandalas are an integrated structure, assembled around a unifying center. 

Mandalas are circles accommodated with a square and organized into sections that are all arranged around a single, central point. They are considered as an extraordinary standalone work of art. They also hold meditative and symbolic meaning beyond their high-spirited appearance. Mandalas are typically produced on paper or cloth, built-in stone, fashioned in bronze, or drawn on a threaded surface. The prints and patterns derived from mandala are swiftly becoming popular in the textile printing industry.

The design has definitely progressed owing to mandalas' enchantment. In this article, we will dig deeper into the spiritual mystique of mandalas. Before that, a loose translation of mandala (derived from Sanskrit) is being a "circle" or "disc". The ethos characterizes these circles as creating larger meanings to our existence and the universe as a whole.

What is Mandala Pattern?

A mandala is a symbol of spirituality in many Asian cultures. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it is believed that entering into the mandala's central point, one is guided through the transformative cosmic process of the universe from suffering into joy and happiness. It can be represented and understood in two ways:

  • Externally: A visual representation of the universe 
  • Internally: A guide for several practices, including meditation

Nowadays, mandalas are being used as art therapy. This form of art is considered both symbolic and therapeutic. It is believed that the center of the mandala is to ground oneself while the design, shapes, colors, or symbols reflect the inner realms of the person who is creating it. For this reason, Mandala Art has become a doorway to discover one's true self.

Adaptation of Mandala Designs for Textile Printing

Today's fashion trends are fragile as consumers constantly demand innovative designs. Mandala Art is one of the upcoming trends in the textile printing industry. More and more designers are developing alluring patterns that can be used in different textile printing techniques like block printing, screen printing, batik, and many more. This will not only help in the revival of Mandala but will also expand the design base for textile printing products.

Mandala designs still need a new podium to be in the vanguard of fashion. But, these designs have provided a new horizon to many designers around the world. Mandala Art has become a good source of inspiration to designers that are using these designs in diversified ways in textiles. There has been an adaptation of mandala art in varied shapes, colors, and styles to be used in textiles. Textile designers are keeping these geometrical patterns and motifs alive through printing Mandala Art on textile products. This indeed is creating more impact and awareness among people about this art form.

The adapted motifs from Mandala are widely being utilized for the production of apparel, household articles, accessories, and many other types of textile printed products. These designs or motifs may be adapted for other techniques, i.e. stencil, batik, embroidery, digital printing, etc. The effort to revive Mandala Art is helping designers to fabricate textile products in the fashion market based on customer needs. Moreover, these products are in great demand both at national and international levels.

The Aesthetic Connection

One of the remarkable aspects of printed mandalas is their beauty. The diversified pattern formations of the Mandala Art brings with them relentless aesthetic value. In the case of a printed mandala, one has the liberty to blend different patterns to create appealing and unique formations. This is the reason, mandala designs have found their way in many homes and offices. 

Mandalas can also be used in various digital design spheres. From website design to logos, the color combination and symmetry of this art form adds a sense of personal identity yet being diverse.

As discussed earlier, mandala has found its place in the fashion industry too. From ethnic wear, yoga pants, fashion accessories, tapestry to funky shoes, Mandala has made its mark in today's fashion industry.

The Last Word

At some point, the mandala was considered a sacred symbol but it is no longer limited to the cultural aspect. As an art therapy, it has begun to transform our lives in some or the other way. People are now visualizing Mandala beyond just being a symbol. With more and more designers emerging with different forms of printed mandala, this art form will certainly transform us, our life purpose, and the planet as a whole.

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Michelle Frances


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