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Ready Pattern Design & Trends Blog

Pattern Trend - Predicting the Unpredictable

by Michelle Frances

July 23, 2020 14:59 label 6 minutes read label Leave a comment

label Leave a comment

The year 2020 has been full of unforeseen surprises and updates, which made the emergence of updates in the fashion industry quite un-negotiable and imperative as well. Since the calculations of various designers saw a blinding setback, and at the moment, it is unknown how much more months would it take to everything get normal, the concerns now are beyond the opening of comparative markets and customer demands. One very crucial aspect that is added to the existing parameters is – Safety.

The vision often gets clouded by hurricanes caused by a very well known ‘butterfly effect’ these days.

The research is simplified into scenarios and trends which include details on general aesthetics, orientation of color, fabrics and textures, printing and design.Trained forecasters can help navigate intricacies and also provide a vision of the future based on empirical evidence.

For an industry that is evolving every single day through various modes of research keeping in mind the social, economic as well as environmental variables, designers’ need of the hour is to brainstorm into predicting pattern trends that would catch the eye beyond the shields and masks.

A designer is a creator and a creator ought to receive their rewards. Therefore, it is of prime importance for a fashion designer to assess the markets, consumer shifts and product trend predictions to avoid bad decisions which may lead to losses.

Not to mention the upcoming year being very different from a normal scenario, will require both revival and revolution both in the same stitch to succumb.

The arts, including fashion have seen a revival in the recent past. According to the cyclical fashion theory given in the 1930s by James Laver, the famous costume historian and a past Keeper of the Robes at the London Victoria and Albert Museum, any piece of fashion with aesthetic importance gains a maturing period again after being neglected for some time and then it is ripe enough for a revival. Although one cannot wait for seventy years for a trend to be called ‘charming’ or one and a half century for being called ‘beautiful’ a lot of trends of the yesteryears have seen the light of resurrection in the past couple years- for example the bell-bottomed pants that were a sensation in the retro years of Hindi cinema have been into trend for quite some time.

Now, how can be the revival of certain fashions be an object of the future pattern trend predictions? Because the very name of the theory is ‘cyclical’ – repeating years after years, generation after generation. Sorry Queen Daenerys, the wheel of fashion can never be broken.

In the context of 2020, fashion bible VOGUE ™ has predicted several trends that would be a part of the year, which has the mention of the revival of 70’s disco sequins to sequins in day wear and even traditional realm – including sarees by Sabyasachi and 80’s exaggerated shoulders as re-calibrating vintage in the Paris 2020 spring/summer fashion week. The cyclical fashion theory. Period.

This was referring the Revival;

To symbolize the Revolution – body size and color positivity has been a subject of high controversy as women all over the world are of the opinion that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and to bind a woman in certain societal constructs is to sell a lie when the beautiful truth of diversity exists in every corner of the world. Hence, VOGUE ™ raises a question that will the catwalk continue to exclude models who aren’t a traditional sample size?

Another issue in the trend about environmental sustainability and creating styles and designs that are environment friendly and cruelty free are in high demand, which would make the fashion designers step up their game in not only using recycled textiles to create but also developing and working in eco-friendly premises, like renowned fashion designer Anita Dongre.

Renowned Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani mentions the fashion industry exhausts and cannot sustain more than two to three months without business and as regard to the couture collections timed for the festive season, every consequence may come down upon each other as falling dominos and if there would be no occasions and hence no gatherings, no or very less amount of customers would be willing to spend an extravagant amount thinking about the changing trends. As a result, the industry may not immediately bounce back in full health and this prediction as an illustration is important for the label to sustain long term hold in the market and will help the designers to prioritize safe and sane making as well as selling conditions with a two way benefit – for the sellers as well as the buyers.

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Michelle Frances


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