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Ready Pattern Design & Trends Blog

Origin and Current Trends for Checks Patterns in Textiles

by Elettra Francis

June 11, 2020 23:55 label 7 minutes read label Leave a comment

label Leave a comment

As the nature of fabric we wear drives our measure of confidence, so also does the pattern or colour defines the way we appear. In other words, a check printed dress would do much justice instead of a solid light coloured dress for a person with some extra pounds. The origin of textile printing can be traced back to almost 12th century and let us leave its authenticity to the historians. As for the horizontal and vertical stripes which criss-cross each other at particular intervals forming a check pattern can be compared to a king’s choice. The king’s death while playing the game of chess is directly accountable for coining of the term “Check” as it was played on a black and white check board.

There are multiple types of checks from which a person can choose from, but popularly Gingham is perhaps one of the most iconic patterns of check. Literally meaning separate, Gingham is said to be first made at a town in France. Originally Gingham is prominent because of its dyed in yarn fabric. This means the yarn is dyed before its woven. Moreover, they are marked by making the coloured yarns know as the warp being woven against the uncoloured yarns known as the weft which creates a lightweight texture on both sides giving it a reversible effect. Gingham fabric creates a balance between coloured and neutral yarns.

How did Checks Patterns Originate?

During the mid-eighteenth century, textile factories at England and Southern United States were in the middle of a harsh financial plunge. They latched on to gingham production in order to revive their struggling economies. The fabric and its trademark checks became more widespread until it was one of the most universal and recognizable fabric in the world. The bold check ranges its utilization from a shirt to a table cloth and also a barbeque apron and forges ahead as an integral part of spring & summer style collection.

How does ones choice depend on Checks Patterns?

In the world of tailored clothing, checks are worn in many ways, but the choice depends on an individual’s personality and how much bold & loud patterns would someone like in his or her wardrobe. But before choosing the checks one can keep in mind a few basic tips before they decide. At first the most overlooked rule is know your frame. Your physical attributes should have a hand in the type of check you choose. Small, compact checks prints would make a heftier person look even larger, similarly if a person is short then huge windowpane checks would make him look like a fish caught in a net. The key is to vary the checks and keep the outfit in a tonal colour. Secondly, one should always check the dress code before opting for the type of check. Given the perception of flamboyance, checks are deemed too casual and should be avoided on formal occasions. Moreover to be on the safe side the most effective and simplest way to wear check is to go bold with a piece of outerwear such as an overcoat. It adds a layer of confidence and intrigue especially if the rest of your look is more muted.

How can a designer start working on Checks Patterns?

Accessories are a good way to start with checks because they represent a relatively small dose of pattern and can integrate against an otherwise reserved outfit without becoming visually overwhelming. Windowpane and shepherd checks and most commonly found on neckties. The pattern is displayed diagonally to follow the angle of the tip. Tartan check is also found on caps and hats. In drab winter weather, plaid scarves are a wonderful option, lending interest and excitement when the colours are more muffled.

All in all, checks are patterns which tend towards casual and also evoke country heritage. No matter how one wears it, it’s cool to be square.

About the author

Elettra Francis

Elettra is the host of the Ready Pattern Seller Central Blog, the design selling platform interface for ambitious surface designers to showcase their prints to global brands. Got something to share with Ready Pattern Seller Masters? You can submit your story for consideration.


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