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Ready Pattern Design & Trends Blog

How to sell textile designs online?

by Elettra Francis

July 1, 2020 12:48 label 11 minutes read label Leave a comment

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Selling textile designs on an online platform is a win-win situation for the buyers and sellers. Online marketplaces can be viewed and used as a viable platform for people across the globe. It welcomes the sellers to a global arena where customers throughout the world can access their webpage. E-commerce websites have created an identity for themselves and have become the go-to place for those who want to access products with the uniqueness that may not be available in their geographic location.

While selling textile designs it is important to identify what industry the patterns are created for. Apparel textile designs are different from the designs that are popular within home décor. Several market places sell all kinds of patterns for textiles without industry-specific restrictions. For designers who want to work with specific silhouette can opt to work with marketplaces that have an expertise in that field with a specific customer base. If a creator wants their innovation and creativity to be printed and sell a finished good, there are online e-commerce websites that deal with only finished goods as well.

Selling Textile Patterns 

Ready Pattern

Ready Pattern is an online marketplace that has been successfully working with designers and is affiliated with buyers across the globe. Providing a platform that is user friendly and technologically forward, Ready Pattern’s website aims at giving the designers and customers a great experience. As a designer, one looks for a platform that makes your content reach the right customer and is acknowledged worldwide. Ready Pattern accommodates all kinds of textile prints and patterns that can be downloaded and bought by the consumers of different industries.

It is imperative to remain current and up to date with the trends to make sure the designs are in sync with what the buyers want. Within the apparel industry and home décor, some trends need to be kept in mind while creating new designs. Ready Pattern comprehends that a designer can be inspired by several different aspects and has created segregation of designs based on different themes. This makes it easier for the buyers as well who already know what trend they want to make use of. Following are the features that make Ready Pattern the ideal choice for selling textile patterns –

Easy Upload

Designers have an array of content that they want to display and sell. It can be time-consuming to upload each item onto the website. Ready Pattern's online market place makes it easy for the designers and allows them to upload 50 designs in one go. Apart from a bulk upload of files, the designers can also bulk edit their files rather than going through each document one at a time.


While selling textile patterns on Ready Pattern, there are surfeit designs uploaded every single day by designers from all over the world. The designers can determine which theme and trend their designs should be displayed based on the inspiration ad aesthetic similarities. The following are the trends that the designs can be classified under –

  • Floral
  • Botanical
  • Abstract
  • Geometric
  • Paisley
  • Tribal
  • Animal Print
  • Tropical
  • Ethnic
  • Active-wear
  • Swimwear

With the design and the motif shapes and sizes, the patterns can be picked up by consumers for printing on apparels, home décor, wallpapers, wrapping papers, accessories, shoes and much more.

Licensing and Protection of Designs

Having an appropriate license safeguards the designer's creations and innovations. It is paramount to have the appropriate license and copyrights that protect the content from any kind of infringement. The process of creating a license can be new to many designers and may seem like a daunting process. Ready Pattern on the goal of making the platform user friendly also provides the designers with licenses of their choice.  While uploading the content, the designers can make their pick between the kind of license they require and produce the license once the purchase has been made. There are two kinds of licenses – Exclusive and non-exclusive. The creators of the content can pick which license they feel fits best for their work and can price their designs accordingly.

Freedom to Price the Patterns

While selling a textile design, several factors help one calculate the accurate profitable amount. By considering the market value of similar designs, the time taken to create the pattern, the medium and resources used while creating all become accountable factors that determine the value of the designs. The license of the content plays a major role in deciding the price, a non-exclusive design is much cheaper as it can be sold multiple times to multiple buyers, whereas an exclusive pattern can be sold only once making it the more expensive option. Ready Pattern allows the designer to decide the kind of license and the price of their intellectual property.

Promotions and Features

Being noticed among the millions of designs that are produced on a daily basis is important. Uniqueness makes your designs stand out but a designer yet needs to promote their work to reach out to a larger audience. Ready Pattern is a marketplace with tremendous customer reach from across the globe and helps designers by promoting them on their social media platforms. They also feature the designers on their blog educating consumers about their work, innovation, thought process and uniqueness. These promotions are free of cost and are taken care of by Ready Pattern.


An online market place that displays a variety of designs that can be downloaded by the buyers. A designer who wishes to upload a repetition design on Spoonflower needs to have a fabric sample of their own pattern. The other option to be featured on Spoonflower is by participating in their competitions and the top prints will be made available on the Spoonflower shop. The designers get only a ten per cent commission of the sale made on this market place platform.

Print me Pretty

Another e-commerce website that predominantly sells textile pattern designs. Similar to the spoonflower it allows the designer to upload the design making it available to other consumers as well as lets the designers print it on the products or fabric they want once they put the content on the website.


Taking an approach, INPRINT is very selective about the designs they display on their website. The designers have to apply and display 3 design pieces, once the team at INPRINT approves of the patterns, the designer can showcase their work on this platform.

Selling Finished Good with Patterns Printed


A seller of finished goods and products, Etsy as a global fanbase that shops products they have listed. Designers can upload images of their products and can sell the product to the customers directly. It also allows you to sell digitised art as products, a designer can upload their pattern designs as a downloadable design. Etsy takes a commission for each sale the designer makes.

Big Cartel

This marketplace is created just for designers and artists. It permits the creators to upload their art at a monthly listing fee and doesn't take a commission from each sale the designer makes.      


How are surface textile designs priced?

Pricing your textile designs at a value that gives the customers utmost satisfaction as well as be a profitable venture to the creator is vital. Figuring out the perfect balance and accounting all the expenses that were taken while making the design helps in establishing the right value of the artwork.

What are the ways of acquiring globally accepted licenses for textile designs?

Licensing the products safeguards the designer’s creativity from being misused or illegally used without the designer’s consent. Two kinds of licenses can be used to protect the designs globally – Exclusive and non-exclusive licenses. An exclusive license permits the designer to sell the artwork to only one customer and he or she becomes the owner of the content. Exclusive licensed designs are more expensive. A non-exclusive licensed design can be sold multiple times to multiple customers.

Which are the best websites to sell pattern designs?

Ready Pattern is one of the most reliable platforms to sell patterns on an international scale. By creating a license and issuing copyrights for the designers, Ready Pattern safeguards the designer’s work and connects them with customers from various industries across the globe. Unlike other online marketplace’s ready pattern doesn’t charge a listing fee and promotes the creators on all of their social media platforms.

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Elettra Francis

Elettra is the host of the Ready Pattern Seller Central Blog, the design selling platform interface for ambitious surface designers to showcase their prints to global brands. Got something to share with Ready Pattern Seller Masters? You can submit your story for consideration.


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