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Ready Pattern Design & Trends Blog

From Small to Bold Surface patterns - Revolutionary Change in Preference

by Astrid Kingerly

June 12, 2020 00:28 label 14 minutes read label Leave a comment

label Leave a comment

Are you observing a sweeping transformation in the perceptions and preferences of youngsters towards textile designs and patterns? Do you think the valiant and outsized surface patterns are the marks of today’s generation? Is the new lifestyle and persona of the youth driving the textile industry? If answers to these questions are yes, then welcome to the new world of textiles, as driven by the imagination, principles, and credence of the youth today.

It is not surprising that the younger population, more specifically the teenagers, is choosing large floral prints and bold prints over the small creative surface patterns that predominantly were the market trend during yesteryears. The budding textile designers are inclining towards big prints that define their novel style, persona, and values. Elegant life-size patterns are the new obsession of the youth that has radically altered the trends of the textile industry. The nascent young population is redefining the parameters of fashion and scaling it to newer and bolder heights.

Bold, in the literal sense, means brave or courageous. As for textile designing, a bold print or pattern refers to large images, designs, and colors that are bright, vibrant, and noticeable. Bold and bright patterns reflect the fearless, confident, and strong-headed youth of today who defines new rules by surpassing the risks or barriers of disparagement and denunciation.

Since ancient times, small surface prints have been a popular choice of textile designers who used to design opulent fabric for the royal families. The minuscule images of elephants, peacocks, flowers, etc. were a few of the most trendy and well-liked textile patterns in olden periods. The rich textile heritage of India connotes the preferences of people to small patterns on their clothing, drapes, and furnishing fabrics, primarily using stencils and wooden blocks.

The young population of today has revolutionized the fundamentals of textile patterns. They now want to make a ‘bold statement’ and bring to the surface a message through the cosmic dimensions of their unconventional textile designs. Life-size images of a contemporary woman or a bride, virtuous Gods or Goddesses, natural or man-made objects, large polka dots, and vast monuments are some of the prominent and trendy surface prints on textiles designed by youth these days. The focus is more on theme-based bold prints with rich color palettes, rather than small repetitive patterns in suppressed colors.

Youngsters are an epitome of novelty and style, and hence are re-defining the fashion trends in the textile industry. Bright, vibrant colors, and large images or portraits on textiles are the new contemporary in today’s fashion world, be it on dress materials or draperies. Taking cues from movie stars, big floral surface patterns designed by textile designers on fabrics are now selling like hot cakes in the market. The young population, who carries their heart on their sleeves, truly believes in speaking their mind and expressing their feelings and opinions, clearly and boldly. For this reason, one-liners with large script prints putting across intrepid messages on T-shirts have become the latest trend that most of the designers are following. The dynamic personality of the young male and female population is reflected in big and bold prints and surface patterns.

Uniqueness and innovation are the keys to modern textile designing. After all, no one ever thought that indigo will be the new black for the new generation! While the sub-due colors such as neutrals and pastels may still have that old-world charm, but the up-and-coming lime greens and deep lilacs are getting an upbeat response from the youngsters. In the same way, although small surface patterns may signify elegance and magnificence, however bold and life-size blueprints have successfully paved their way into the home décor and garments of the masses. The advancement in technology has introduced impressive 3D prints that are appealing to the people.

To conclude, the present textile industry is getting ruled by the young blood who wants to make a statement by re-defining the conventions of designing surface patterns on textiles.

About the author

Astrid Kingerly

Astrid Kingerly is a fashion designer at Ready Pattern. She curates surface design moodboards for upcoming seasons after researching on trends and forecasts. Do you have any design stories which you would like to showcase? Write to us.


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