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This new zeal towards fitness has up the game of the textile industry to experiment with a lot of new and activewear prints altogether. There are thousands of patterns and prints out there in the market which will surely deviate your head around without letting you take a stand on one. Trust me, it does!

So, what could be the activewear prints and patterns you should go for? Confused already, right? Well, not anymore! We have brought to the top prints and patterns for activewear which will never go wrong with your fashion chakra. 

Abstract Activewear Prints

The word 'Abstract' itself is so exotic and artistic that your alignment will droll to align with it. Off late, these abstract prints are all over the market and in fashion. The fashion police love it too. Since summer is here, the abstract print in bright colours will surely up your mood and motivate it to have a major welcome in the arena of working out. 

Hues of Blues

Hues, the one which will indeed cool your spirit down. Cooling down after a hot and sweaty workout, of course, yes! Hues will make you feel cool which is majorly important while working out.  It is always a breath of fresh air. Activewear prints in hues was also on a lot of runways this year. Don't believe me, Check out!

Mithila Prints

Remember, vocal for local! 

Yeah, so this new print has recently joined the team of prints for activewear. This is Mithila print, all the way from north Bihar. This print has been a beautiful and refreshing print which never goes out of the alignment. Also, it is an Indian print from the roots of Indian diversity. Let's shout out for this print which will give you a feel of remote yet classy. 


Oh darling, let it sink! Neons have been hated and then widely accepted and loved. Ever since it has never left its place from the trends. The trend of Neons was always there and is there too. If done right, one can nail the look in neons. This might break or make your game in fashion. 

Shades of Greys

Greys are subtle as well as bold. When used properly the shades of grey, it will uplift your spirit to walk in workout sessions like a fashion show. Designers across the fashion blocks have given this a green signal to rock your world with a perfect shade which suits your alignment better. It is indeed a kick start to summer.